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Mother May I Sleep With Danger?
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Jimmy is in bed and awakened by an amorous Angela. "Jimmy ... I have to leave," she says. "I'm sorry." The dreamlike quality of the moment makes us think this is all in Jimmy's head. And it is, in a way, only it's a memory. They're back at Princeton, in the dorms, trying to avoid getting caught. The Poindexter-like Cal rushes in, and they both usher Angela out. This is Jimmy before the war, before the coup, before everything that happened that grew him up and made him hard. Angela steals one more kiss and she's out the door.

Back in the present, Nucky meets with Fallon about his case. Fallon says he's been sending out subtle "signals" to the judge -- at least as far as he can go without being cited for tampering. He says Randolph is pursuing the capital murder case hardest of all. Halloran's going to roll over on him, saying Nucky gave the order to kill Hans Schroeder. And Eli's not talking to anyone, so there's no assurance he won't roll over as well. "They're also going to put the Prohi on the stand," Fallon says. "Van Alden?" Nucky squeaks. At this, Harlan, Nucky's servant, who has been invisibly tidying up around the room all this time, perks up. "You need to dust under my eyelids?" Nucky asks him, agitated. Harlan goes back to his business, but Nucky just wants him to leave. Fallon advises Nucky to get his finances in order, and Nucky asks him to pour him a scotch. Harlan is taking his time leaving, and Nucky is getting annoyed. What is it? Harlan thanks Nucky for keeping him working through these last few strike weeks; he starts to mention the Baptist church he belongs to, but Nucky's like, "I don't need your prayers, thank youuuuuu...." So Harlan goes to leave again. It's Fallon who sees there's clearly something on the man's mind and tells him to spill. About a year ago, Harlan says, the deacon at his church held an outdoor revival out by the river. Van Alden showed up one afternoon with another lawman. "He drowned that fella, in front of us all." Fallon and Nucky are agog at each other. Fallon reaches out: "Harlan, is it?"

Speak of the devil, Van Alden is at home, having surprisingly lively conversation with Sigrid. She says "How are you?" to him in Dutch, but he doesn't understand it. He's from upstate New York, not Holland. (Well, maybe Holland, New York, I guess. Don't bother me with this.) She asks if he goes back to visit his parents ever, but he says his parents don't care to see him. They were followers of an apocalyptic cult, see, and Papa Van Alden gave away their farm in anticipation of Judgment Day. They lived in a tent for a year, and the family never got over it. Now, Nelson is a living reminder of his father's terrible decision. Sigrid assures him that "Yesus" will still come. "Doesn't that worry you?" Van Alden asks her. Obviously these matters are still on his mind. Sigrid assures him he's a good man and that there's nothing to be frightened of.

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