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Richard Harrow was apparently able to take a box of his things with him from the Maison Derriere. Or maybe he kept his old apartment all along. Either way, he's laying out all the guns he owns on his bed. There are quite a lot of guns. "He's Got Guns (And He Knows How to Use Them)." We'll have to wait until next week to find out how.

Chalky drives Nucky to the empty lumber yard, where they're met by his nephew Willie. Good, responsible, kind Willie. He fixes some coffee and provides day-old donuts for the adults to eat. Chalky waxes nostalgic about day-old donuts while Nucky scarfs them down like they're a steak dinner. Chalky wryly remarks that sometimes it takes going without to find out what one really needs. Nucky asks Willie to excuse him, so he and Chalky can talk in private. He at least remembers to compliment Willie on how well he handles himself. Boy, is this kid ever gonna get killed. Alone, Nucky makes the deal with Chalky: he gets Atlantic City back, Chalky gets his club. The two men remark on how they're "stuck" with each other. Chalky even smiles as he says, "I'll go down the road with you a mite further."

Suddenly, cars pull into the lumber yard, and Nucky charges out into the clearing. Whatever danger there might be, he's trying to shield his nephew, whom he orders to get back and as far as he can away. Willie kind of backs up but doesn't leave. Out of the cars emerge the African American contingent. Not just them, though. Eli's there too. He's momentarily cross with Nucky for involving his son, but there are other issues on the table. Purnsley says he ran into Eli, who had been looking for Nucky. Eli says he cut a deal in Chicago. Not with Torrio, but with the man who emerges from behind him: Al Capone. Short little Al Capone, who asks for a bath and some food. "And then you and me sit down," he tells Nucky, "and talk about who dies." Sounds like a season finale to me!

Joe R still isn't all that fond of Capone, but admits things are coming together nicely. He can be reached for lavish praise and nothing but at

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