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Band on the Run

Chalky and Purnsley show up and say they're ready to take Nucky away. Where to -- i.e. to exile outside Atlantic City, or to someplace where he can plan his counteroffensive -- is up to him. They're going to get Eddie set up in an apartment hideaway where he can convalesce. Nucky thinks for a moment and then instructs them to drive him out on White Horse Pike and not to stop until he tells them to.

On a laundry-clogged New York rooftop, Luciano is late to his meeting with Magaddino and Moceri. So he's fully going behind Lansky's back for this one. They pull out the stack of cash and he takes it, gingerly, cautiously. He then goes to retrieve the heroin, which he's kept stashed in the chimney. Not bad for a hiding spot. Magaddino is like, "This where you stash all your stuff?" Which is maybe a shade too curious, but Lucky doesn't twig to anything. He produces five one-pound bricks, and Moceri produces the bag for Lucky to place them in. Once he does, two heretofore unseen men pull guns and shove a struggling Lucky up against a wall. "Hey asshole," says the previously mute Moceri, brandishing handcuffs. "You're under arrest." Have to admit, did NOT see that one coming.

Nucky's loaded into the back of a truck, with a burlap curtain covering the back end. It's all very Dogville. I hope they don't end up driving him right back to where they started. Now he's got nothing to do but think on his circumstances, which cannot be fun. Because Nucky's circumstances SUCK at the moment. Children and unfaithful wife gone. Only friend in the world barely conscious. Town overrun by oversensitive jerk. Not great.

After driving for a while, the truck stops suddenly. Nucky can't see anything, but he hears Chalky and Purnsley being interrogated about where they're headed. They're asked to step out of the car and are informed of the hunt for Nucky and the $25,000 reward. Nucky's clutching his gun, not sure if he's going to have to come out firing on two men or four. Rosetti's guys walk around to the back of the truck to go check it out. Nucky braces himself. Right before they pull back the burlap, Purnsley voices that he's wondering how he's going to spend his reward. Way to be ambiguous, dude. But where their words might be vague, their actions are concrete, and Chalky and Purnsley each shoot one of the guys in the head, before Nucky can even point his gun at anyone. Clearly, Nucky was ready to fire on all four of them. It looks like it takes him a moment to realize that they stayed loyal to him. Emboldened, Nucky declares that he's not leaving town -- his town. He's going to fight. Chalky looks around and says this isn't exactly the best spot for Custer to make his last stand. Purnsley heads back to town to round the boys up.

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