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Gillian retreats upstairs, only to find Richard getting Tommy dressed for an excursion. Richard says they're just going for a walk around the grounds. Gillian ignores him and asks Tommy directly, instructing him to tell the truth. "We're going to Julia's," he admits. Her worst fears confirmed, Gillian goes on the offensive. "She doesn't look blind," she says to Richard, of Julia, thereby winning this season's Reading is Fundamental challenge on RuPaul's Drag Race. Richard snaps at Gillian that she had no right to go through his private photographs. She turns to Tommy and apologizes for keeping him stuck indoors, "but sometimes we have to put up with things that we don't like in order to get what we want." That's Gillian in a nutshell, huh? She has Tommy hang up his jacket and hat.

With Tommy brushed aside, she calls in two of Rosetti's men and instructs them to remove Mr. Harrow from the grounds. He fake-apologizes to Richard that she tried to explain to him earlier, but he didn't understand. "I have to remind myself you're not a complete person." Ooh! The library is CLOSED! Richard says that Tommy doesn't belong to her, but she's like, "Of course he does." She scoffs at Richard's made-up fantasies of having a family for himself. "Mr. Rosetti wants this man gone," she instructs the men. They say they haven't heard that, but Gillian lies that he couldn't have been clearer. Just when I was starting to feel bad for Gillian getting occupied. "You lied to me," she says to Richard, insincere as she's ever been. "That's what hurts the most." With no other options, Richard walks out the door. Don't expect that to be the last of it.

That night, Nucky looks out the window of his hideaway, wary of Chalky's men, as he can hear the words "twenty-five thousand" lingering in the air. (By the way, the windows on the cottage are blacked out with grease, but you can see a key in Nucky's hand, indicating he scratched out a spy-hole. Nice touch.) Nucky's drawn away from the window by Eddie, who is making little whimpering sounds. Nucky sits down next to him -- smoking right near that leaking wound, which is great -- and tries to calm him as Eddie goes on about getting the car and driving Nucky to the theater and fixing his supper. Nucky, his voice thick with emotion, says, "You can have the evening off."

He then addresses that dangling issue about Eddie's family -- Eddie tells him that he has a wife and two boys, and he speaks what sounds like their street address, in German. He then translates a phrase from a Kipling poem. Before he lapses back into German, he quotes, "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when all men are doubting you, but make allowance for their doubting too." If you can get past the part where Nucky is being compared to notorious colonialist Kipling, especially during such a racially sensitive junction in his life, it's really quite sweet.

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