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Band on the Run

Inside, Nucky can barely breathe. He goes to draw his gun, but Samuel says he needs his help to stitch up Eddie, or he'll die within five minutes. This is all on Chalky, then. He tells Gyp that he hasn't seen Nucky in weeks. Gyp doesn't believe him, nor his stories about how he pays the white guys their cut and they leave him to his business. Well, since we're both being disingenuous now, Gyp moves forward to just, you know, look around the place. He'll still give Chalky the $25,000 as a gesture of good faith. Chalky remains steely, telling Rosetti that he's got a private affair going on inside, and his wife would kill him if he let anybody in. These are lies that everybody knows are lies, but Rosetti backs down from an all-out confrontation. Instead, he opts to advertise. "$25,000! Nucky Thompson! Tell your friends!" He's banking on someone in the black community being self-interested enough to sell Nucky out. It's not a bad idea. You wouldn't have to resemble the low opinion that Rosetti has of black people to value a chunk of change like that over a guy who's never done shit for you like Nucky. Chalky's the only one with any real loyalty to call upon in this situation. Nucky just has to hope that Chalky has his men on lockdown. "I really want us to get along," Rosetti tells Chalky, before leaving. Sincere business model, threat, or both. As the Italians leave, Rosetti mutters that they're going to need more guns. So threat, then.

Back inside, Samuel is finished sewing Eddie up. Chalky returns and pulls Nucky aside. He remarks that $25,000 is a whole lot of money around these parts. Nucky offers to pay Chalky more, which is really blockheaded of him and an insult to Chalky, who isn't talking about himself. Nucky asks him if he trusts his men; Chalky says he doesn't trust anybody. "Get me out of here," Nucky says. "You can name your price." Chalky has already said what he wants -- the jazz club. Nucky asks how he can promise a part of something he doesn't own anymore. Oh, would this really be the first time, Nucky? Chalky changes the subject and asks about Eddie. Nucky asks him to take Eddie somewhere safe. "He got any family?" Chalky asks. Nucky looks abashed as he realizes that he doesn't even know.

At the Maison Derriere, things are grim. Rosetti's men are uncultured slobs, throwing their shit all over the floor, breaking bottles, drunkenly fumbling with the giant harp (!), and clumsily rutting on the whores in the middle of the common room. The whores themselves all look supremely annoyed at having to put up with all of this, and when Gillian enters, she's not having any of it. She whacks at one pantsless gangster in mid-thrust with a broom. He threatens her in response, and she says she'll tell Mr. Rosetti. This only gets her laughed at by the yahoos in the room.

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