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At the Maison Derriere, Gillian approaches the main room and sees gross cigar ashes on the floor. Surprise! Gyp Rosetti and his men are making themselves at home! He greets Gillian as "Red" and she puts on her best happy face at this "unexpected surprise." Rosetti tells her that all surprises are unexpected, a pedantic correction that, if someone had said it to him, would have occasioned quite the beating. Gillian sees that Rosetti's men are carrying in Nucky's desk from the Ritz, as Rosetti appears to be setting up the base of his camp here. She asks what happened to Nucky. "Same thing happens to everyone," Rosetti says, suddenly poetic, "only sooner." He insists she call him Gyp and tells her that everything around here will stay the same, "only now you'll have a pal in charge." Obviously, this is the fruit borne of Gillian's treachery a few weeks ago, so she can't really blame anyone but herself.

You can see the look on her face as she resolves to endure this occupation, but I wonder how much thought she gave to how much easier it was to endure Nucky. She forces a smile and says it's what she's always hoped for. He then asks her to fix him breakfast. Grit them teeth, honey. On her way out of the room, she spots Richard, and she tells him quietly to make sure Tommy is locked in his room and doesn't come out. I'd say the same for Richard, to be honest. Rosetti's men would be so mean to him, and I can't take people being mean to Richard.

Nucky's on the phone with some doofus in Chicago who doesn't seem all that interested in connecting Nucky with Torrio, or Capone, or in finding Eli and putting him on the phone. Nucky's looking really edgy right now. He has to ask Chalky what the phone number here is, which is one more reason for Chalky to be annoyed. And then the Chicago punk hangs up on Nucky before he can give out the full number. It's bad news.

Purnsley then announces that "he's" here, and before "he" is let in, Chalky makes sure Nucky knows that this here is a HUGE favor. It's Samuel, the young doctor who's been courting Chalky's daughter. Chalky reminds Samuel that everything that's happening here is not to be shared with Maybelle, his parents, nobody. Samuel looks scared but he understands. They take him in to see Eddie, laid out on a table and not doing great. Samuel says he doesn't know what he can do for this man, as he's a med student, not an actual doctor. He can clean the wound and try to control the bleeding. He looks at Chalky and says, "This could ruin me," but Chalky simply tells him that this is how things are done. "We take care of each other." Chalky is fully looking at Nucky when he says that. Samuel instructs the men to fill up pots and boil as much water as they can, and also find him as many clean sheets/towels/tablecloths as they can. There's no ether, he says, so he suggests they get Eddie as drunk as possible. He then tells Nucky to wash his hands, as he'll be assisting. Time to learn yourself a trade, Nuck.

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