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Band on the Run

In New York, Lucky Luciano waits in an alleyway, covered from the rain, to meet with two men we haven't seen before. Magaddino talks, Sam Moceri (down from Buffalo, atta boy!) does not, due to the giant scar on his neck. These guys look to be prospective buyers for Lucky's heroin. Luciano wants $200 per ounce. Moceri counts out five fingers and then flashes his palm three times. Lucky's like, "The fuck does that mean?" (Elaine Benes: "That means whatever the hell you want it to mean.") Magaddino's like, "It means five pounds at $15,000. And he doesn't appreciate you being rude." A fine lesson for Lucky Luciano. I wonder what other lessons he'll learn this week.

Richard Harrow returns to the Maison Derriere after his night on the beach woth Julia, sand still in his pockets. He can hear music being played inside his room and opens the door to find Gillian at his desk, going through his scrapbooks. She says she was starting to get worried about him, and he says he lost track of the time. She correctly intuits that he's in love. "I envy you ... a little," she says, continuing the escalation of her casual cruelty to Richard. Everything she says in this scene is like some bitchy twist on an Emily Dickinson poem. "Be careful not to dream about things that cannot possibly come to pass," she warns him. "That were never yours to begin with." She then gives him his leave, but says as she passes him: "You smell of the sea." Seriously, she's in a floweringly despairing mood today, isn't she? After she goes, Richard opens his scrapbook to the page she was looking at: the "family" photograph of Richard, Julia, and Tommy.

Nucky pulls up to an unfamiliar part of town. It's on the beach, but the houses all look pretty run-down. Eddie is still muttering in German and barely conscious. Nucky leaves him in the car to go look around, which he does with this gun drawn. He almost gets shot by Dunn Purnsley for his trouble, which I think is what you get for approaching a woman and her children with your gun out. When Purnsley sees it's Nucky, he just laughs. He brings Nucky inside to see Chalky, who is obviously still sore about being brushed off so casually last week about that jazz club he wants to open. He tells Nucky that the word around town is that he's dead. Not yet, as it turns out. He's decidedly standoffish when it comes to Nucky asking for his help, saying he never hears anything from him except, "Jump, boy!" Nucky starts to get indignant that he has never called him "boy," but I think he realizes halfway through that Chalky's larger point stands. Nucky finally just makes his plea: Sleater is dead, Eli is unreachable, and Eddie is in the car, bleeding out. Chalky ultimately sends someone out to fetch Eddie and stow Nucky's car away. But he's not going to look happy about it!

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