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Band on the Run

Eddie's getting up from the ground but tells Nucky he's fine (he's not, but Nucky doesn't notice yet). They manage to sneak out the back of the Ritz (past two more dead guards) and head for the cars. Eddie, who has lost his glasses in the fracas, tells Nucky that they can't use the regular car, as everybody will know it's him. Nucky tries to pay off this pipsqueak for his car, but pipsqueak goes off running when he sees the dead bodies. Either way, right?

Nucky tells Eddie to head to Lolly's place -- the casino, if memory serves -- where they will regroup. He resolves to appeal to Chalky for manpower, which will cost him down the road, but, you know, there has to be a down-the-road first. Eddie doesn't respond to this because he's too busy passing out. The car veers off the road before Nucky stops it and sees that Eddie's been shot in his right abdomen. They're stopped, which is a very dangerous position for Nucky right now. He has to pull Eddie over to the passenger side so he can keep driving.

Back at the Ritz, it's solidly morning, and already Gyp Rosetti is canvassing the place, demanding to know where Nucky got to. He's carrying around that re-appointed dog of his, which makes him look like even more of a dick. He orders his men to set up roadblocks, check the casino, the hospital, the warehouse. All the usual spots. He also instructs them to offer a $25,000 reward to the black community, which he expects will be an irresistible sum. He wants Nucky in front of him, "on his knees or on a slab." Inside Nucky's office, Tonino goes over all the boring business aspects that a takeover of Atlantic City will involve -- the ward bosses, the sheriff, et cetera. Rosetti's too busy inspecting Nucky's desk, however. Inside a drawer, he finds a copy of Ragged Dick -- the self-made-man story to end all self-made-men stories -- with an inscription to Nucky from his sainted mother on the occasion of his 12th birthday. That one's gonna cost Rosetti, I bet. He ends up scoffing that he can't work out of this dump. Compared to the nagging den of washer-women he comes from? I bet he could.

Back in the getaway car, Eddie's gotten worse; he's basically just muttering in German now. Nucky takes him to the hospital, with the intent to leave him there while he continues on to safety. But when he pulls up to Dr. Landau, that old fuck can't begin to deal with the situation. Nucky finally has to grab him by his lapels and remind him that he owns a wing of this hospital, but before he can say anything more, he spots two more of Gyp's men approaching him with guns drawn. Way to be stealthy, you mooks. Nucky is able to speed away and somehow avoid the gunfire, and it's back to the open road. I really hope Dr. Landau got shot back there.

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