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Previously, Daniel did a brilliant job shepherding you through a difficult hour where Nucky tried to amass his forces against Rosetti and Masseria, got ratted out by Luciano and Lansky, and ended up with his right-hand man Sleater dead in a box. The sight of which sent his wife into grief hysterics because -- what only we know (and have known for weeks because duh) -- Margaret is pregnant with Owen's child. Ready?

It's mere hours after Sleater's body was delivered, and Eddie Kessler is supervising Nucky's men, some of whom have been set up on 24-hour guard outside Nucky's office, others who are put to the task of taking the crate full of Owen out to the warehouse. Eddie gives Nucky the update, but all Nucky wants to know is if Margaret and the children have been safely spirited away. They have, to the train station, destination unspoken. Nucky then asks Eddie if he knew about that which he only recently discovered: that Margaret and Owen were carrying on an affair. Eddie simply says, "I tend only to you. That is all I do. That is my life." That is a brilliant non-denial denial wrapped up in a humblebrag. "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't; I was too busy washing your socks and fixing you poached eggs, so..." Tip of the cap, Eddie.

Nucky orders Eddie to leave, for his own safety. That crate was a signal that Masseria and Rosetti are coming for him. Eddie protests, saying that no one else is loyal to Nucky. The others are just men he pays. Aw. Nucky says he needs to get ahold of Eli in Chicago, and also to alert Mickey Doyle (yeah, THAT rat is exactly who you want to call on in a time of crisis) and Chalky White. But when Eddie goes to place a call, the line is dead. Oh SHIT, that is like the ultimate red flag. If you ever pick up your phone and there is no dial tone, DIVE ON THE FLOOR immediately.

And just like clockwork, the elevator dings and armed men step off. They shoot their way through Nucky's guards and enter his office, only to find it empty. They continue towards the residence, which has clearly seen a retreating Nucky, as the hobbyhorse is still rocking. The first gunman enters the children's room and gets a bullet to the head from Nucky, who'd been hiding behind the door. The next one approaches Nucky from behind, but Eddie calls out in time for Nucky to kick the door shut and fire two shotgun blasts (from the first guy's gun) through the door. He peers through the hole to see that the second guy isn't quite dead, so he finishes him off. The last guy gets a jump on Nucky and grabs the muzzle of the shotgun through the door and struggles with Nucky. I don't know how many shots are loaded into that thing, but if he can spare one, just fire it, burn the shit out of this dude's hands, and then finish him off. Nobody ever listens to me. Guy No. 3 eventually drops his handgun, giving Nucky enough room to get the shotgun back and kill him dead.

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