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The Pony

Margaret Shanghais Dr. Mason outside the hospital and says she has a delicate matter that needs discussing. Getting right to the point, she says she needs to obtain a diaphragm. He's surprised but not scandalized by the request. He confirms that this is what Mrs. Scherer came to talk about. Margaret then amends her request to two diaphragms: one for Mrs. Scherer and one for her.

At the Maison Derriere, Gillian is entertaining Gyp Rosetti and a flunky with the story of the day she gave birth to Jimmy. Don't you get the feeling she's told everybody in her life this story, at one time or another? She asks Rosetti if he has children, and he says yes, two girls. "Both of them pretty as their mother," his flunky says, drawing a stinkeye from Rosetti, because haha, remember how his wife and daughters are all trolls? Gillian says all she has left in this world is her grandson, and -- after she introduces her two guests to Richard Harrow -- she gets to what now appears to be the point. She "casually" wonders whether Rosetti knows of Babbette's supper club. He does, of course, having gone their with Nucky "before [their] falling out." "Have you had a falling out?" Gillian deadpans. She further informs Rosetti that Nucky will be dining there tonight with Arnold Rothstein. Rosetti takes this in but wonders why Gillian is telling him this. "I thought perhaps you'd like to surprise him," she says.

Eddie Kessler announces to Nucky that he's got a phone call -- the man wouldn't identify himself but he said Nucky "would be relieved to hear his voice." Nucky, in a sour mood from everything else that's happened this week, is incredibly impatient with the unidentified man on the phone, until that man reveals himself to be Andrew Mellon. Then Nucky's mood changes REAL quick. Mellon informs Nucky that in a few days, federal agents will arrest George Remus for multiple violations of the Volstead Act, including bribing a prominent Justice department official (who Mellon doesn't outright name, but it's Jess Smith). In exchange, says Mellon, he expects the Overholt Distillery to be operational in one month and profitable the month after. Nucky assures him that will be the case. Mellon says the two of them will have no further contact after this phone call. Seems like a good setup to me, and at least one thing has gone right for Nucky today.

It seems after their night of making up, Nucky brought Billie back to Atlantic City with him, as she's in the bathroom searching for a lost earring. She's dyed her hair blonde now -- just felt like being a different person, she says. She's even given her new persona a name: Nadine Beckenbauer. She and Nucky have a bit of flirty fun "introducing" themselves. Then Nucky hands Billie an envelope, a "single premium annuity," a.k.a. guaranteed income, the first of each month, for the rest of her life. Billie doesn't know what this is supposed to mean, and she once again says she doesn't need anybody's help. Nucky basically tells her it's freedom -- it's no strings to anyone anymore. She asks if this means he's saying goodbye, but in fact, he says, he's saying hello to Nadine Beckenbauer. New beginnings, I guess is the idea. New beginnings with a new dynamic between them. Billie tears up a bit and they kiss. She goes to look for a different pair of earrings before they go out.

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