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The Pony

Of course, Phase II of the argument begins when Nucky pledges to take care of her, and she thinks he's saying that because he doesn't have any faith that she'll succeed. He rationalizes that it's an unreliable industry and there's always someone knew around the corner. He starts lecturing her, but she cuts him down quick: "I have a father," she says. "He lives in Newburgh. He thinks a fist is a good way to end an argument, and I don't live there anymore." Nucky is wounded that that's how she sees him, but she simply says that's how he's acting. So if she's not in this relationship for the daddy issues, and if she's not in it for the security ... are we left to believe that Billie is in this for the red-hot charms of Nucky Thompson? I know cable dramas are really invested in the idea that ugly antiheroes can score with basically any chick they want to, but this might be pushing it. So it's a little instructive when Nucky finally asks what she wants from him. "I just want you to be my gangster," she replies. I mean ... I guess? Anyway, Nucky pulls her in for an angry kiss, and they proceed to make rough love on her bed. Out.

In Cicero, Van Alden comes home late at night and begins packing his suitcases. When Sigrid wakes up (it really seemed like he was intending to leave alone under cover of night), he explains, in a rambly, babbling way, that they need to pack up and move on very quickly, on account of what he did to a "bad person" today, and also the "other thing," where, you know, they killed a Federal agent. He says they can go anywhere, except for New Jersey, New York, and now Illinois. She's ultimately able to make him cool his jets, and we cut to them in the kitchen and her handing him a glass of whiskey to calm down. It turns out, she's been going like gangbusters on that still during the days. Twelve bottles for O'Bannion already, plus three for themselves. Van Alden thinks she means to drink, but it turns out, she's made three bottles of "Aquavit" to sell in the Norwegian part of town. If they keep things going that way, they won't have to worry about him losing his job. And look, bravo for Sigrid, but I think the concern here is that Van Alden's going to get arrested for burning a man's face off, and probably have his murders come to light after that. Still, Van Alden reacts like she just presented the solution to all their problems.

Maison Derriere. Gillian wakes Lucky up and tells him she needs the room back, as the roofers will be inspecting. He reminds her he's not paying for that, but she says she got a loan. She asks what he's even doing in Atlantic City, and he says he's got a meeting with Rothstein. "And Nucky Thompson?" she asks, then inquires as to where and when this meeting is taking place (tonight at Babbette's). Then, she lays into Lucky for belittling her business and breaking bread with her enemies. He's totally dismissive of her, offering her a "nice hard fuck" to set her right, but instead she kicks him out. And buys him out of the business, pulling the check from her girdle, like a lady with some flair. He wonders what he's going to do with a check, and she's all, "Stick it up your ass, for all I care." Or better yet, have Nucky do it for you." BURN! She throws his clothes out the window.

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