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The Pony

I wish I knew more about the layout of Chicago so I could tell you what part of town we're looking at, but wherever we are, it's slaughterhouses as far as the eye can see. It looks bad, and I can't imagine how awful it smells. Good news for Fat Jake, I guess. Capone asks him if Torrio mentioned anything about the Miller kill when he wasn't around; he seems paranoid that Torrio is angrier than he lets on. By all indications, though, he genuinely seems chill about it. He arrives, and O'Banion and the Irish soon after. O'Banion's joined by Van Alden (Torrio makes note of the new muscle) and some guy named Hymie Weiss. They have a joke about Van Alden carrying a case full of irons, and Capone asks him where he's from, so we can all be worried for the millionth time that someone will recognize Van Alden. Like, what's he even hiding from anymore? Murder charges for killing Agent Sebso? Who even REMEMBERS him? Anyway, O'Banion starts off with a head of steam about Joe Miller and how he cooled his heels about it until Torrio came home, like he deserves a medal for it. Torrio just wants to talk about Naples, man. About how it's a different way of life over there, because they realize that life is short. O'Banion's used to this way of life over here, though, so he interprets that as a threat, and things devolve into a shouting match between him and Capone. Torrio shuts that down, though, with a story about Pompeii. "You heard of it?" he asks, and Van Alden pipes up that it was buried in 79 A.D. Torrio talks about this town full of people who had no idea that had set up their lives next to a volcano, and one day, outta nowhere, they're buried in lava. One guy, Torrio saw, with a hammer still in his hand. The point he's getting at is that these people were so concentrated on the workaday drudgery of their lives that they never noticed how short those lives would be. He seems like he doesn't have the time for it anymore. O'Banion takes NONE of this in and brings up Joe Miller, but Torrio tells him to settle with Al. O'Banion protests that he came to talk to Torrio, but Torrio just sort of smiles at him and is like "Nope! Al's your guy!" Al smirks at O'Banion and makes an offer of putting the past in the past. O'Banion has that same smug look on his face he always does but seems resigned to making a deal with this a-hole.

Back in Jersey, Owen Sleater is taking a look at a pony for sale, while Margaret is looking on like anybody would when faced with a wicked sexy guy being sweet with a pony. It's nice out, but there's thunder rumbling in the distance, as talk of the pony leads Margaret and Owen down Irish memory lane. They talk of horse fairs and their respective fathers -- hers a disappointing drunk; his a man of humble means who managed to evince something of a grand air -- and their preferred way to blow a shilling on sweets. Margaret begins to talk of her brother Eamonn, and she gets a huge smile on her face when she does. The pony-seller asks them if they want to take the horse they're looking at -- Kip -- for a trot around, but Owen says the lady would like a little time to make her decision. And make the afternoon last a bit longer, I'd think.

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