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The Pony

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The Pony
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Gillian, Richard, and Leander are gathered around a pine box that is masquerading as the final resting place of James Darmody. Gillian's wearing a black veil and talking all this bullshit to the undertaker about "I thought I had my son back, then he would reach for the needle..." to the undertaker, who confirms to her that they got the cause of death changed to "accidental drowning" on the death certificate. Behind her, Leander is rolling his eyes like crazy. Gillian asks Richard to say a few words on behalf of his friend, and Richard, inscrutable as ever with that mask, says simply, "Jimmy deserved better than this." Gillian seems like she has more to say, but Leander says that's been quite enough. I don't think this charade has impressed him much. The coffin is led into the incinerator, and Roger Not James the Love Machine is no more.

In Chicago (God damn it), Dean O'Banion and a cohort are finishing up installing a still in Van Alden's kitchen. Seems that after O'Banion helped Van Alden dispose of that unfortunate prohie's body, Van Alden's been conscripted into the Irish bootlegging service. And while before it seemed like O'Banion might be taking a shine to Van Alden, his dickish nature appears to have won the day, as he's so condescending and flippant, he might as well be smacking gum. After he walks through the steps, Van Alden wonders if the smell will cause suspicion, but O'Banion says the neighborhood already smells like shit, plus half his neighbors are likely doing the same thing. Though they're probably getting paid (Van Alden is still working off that debt). Sigrid sits at the kitchen table with the kids and observes it all, while her husband just absorbs the attitude from his new boss. O'Banion expects Van Alden to produce two cases a week, despite Van Alden's protests about his day job. Plus join him for a meeting tomorrow. As he walks out, O'Banion scoffs to his compadre that this poor sap sells irons. So is the Humiliation of Nelson Van Alden complete yet?

Nucky's in his office, on the phone making travel arrangements to head to New York tomorrow. Eli asks if it's to meet with Rothstein or his "other girlfriend." Neither, says Nucky. Meantime, Sleater asks him about "the pony." Eli, who may be back on the team but is far from the inner circle, thinks they're talking horseracing. No, Nucky just wants to buy Emily a pony, seemingly as a "sorry you got polio and can't walk unassisted" present. Sleater has some expertise in ponies, probably because he's Irish (oh, go with me on this), and when Eli cautions against a certain breed because one bit his kid's pinky one time, Nucky brushes him off. Old habits die hard, I guess. Eddie Kessler enters with terrible news: "James Darmody is dead." He shows Nucky the newspaper account of "Jimmy" dying of a "mishap while bathing at the home of his mother." Nucky, Sleater, and Eli all WTF at each other for a while. Eddie: "I'm terribly sorry for your loss." "Don't be an idiot!" Nucky yells at him. Thus ends Eddie Kessler's monthly visit to the show.

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