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Dunn Purnsley, This Is Your Knife
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Dunn Purnsley, carrying a small handbag, strolls up the steps of a nice house on a quiet street, picking up a partially smoked cigarette on his way up the front steps. He knocks on the front door, which is opened by an elderly lady he calls Miss Monroe, with whom he exchanges small talk about the changing weather affecting her joints. Do Dunn Purnsley's duties now include checking up on the older folks in the neighborhood? Nope — inside is a house full of people in various stages of consciousness, thanks to the heroin that has apparently flooded the city. Can't help feeling that these people are less annoying than cokeheads, though.

Monroe tells Purnsley she's going to visit her relations next week, so he smilingly gives her a big chunk of change to get "situated" and to bring them all something nice.

Turning back towards the dozing junkies, Purnsley steps on a syringe on the floor, and shakes his head at the approaching underling who's apparently running the operation. "You know she like it tidy," says Purnsley. The underling doesn't say a word, but turns, and he and Purnsley enter a back room, where he tells Purnsley they're running low, and yes, he already cut it twice, using cornstarch and talc. So cut it four times, advises Durnsley, not exactly displaying a Heisenberg-esque commitment to purity. Purnsley's just there for the money, which the underling — named Mose — hands over, showing off the sawed-off shotgun he uses to deter anyone after the money, which Durnsley doesn't think is secure enough. Cut it four times, he says again, and leaves — but not before giving Mose a pamphlet for a play called Ominira, a free production by Dr. Narcisse, who's expecting everyone to come. Well, Mose's clients don't look too demanding, so I imagine he'll have plenty of time to think up an excuse why he can't come.

Over at the Bureau of Investigation, a tableful of agents are reveling in one's account of watching Rothstein lose half a million dollars at the track and then ordering a piece of cheesecake like it was no big deal. Knox is decidedly less amused than the rest of them, and then lays into "Ben" for finding things so entertaining. He asks Ben what he thinks his job is, because it apparently doesn't involve any police work. Everyone goes quiet as Knox blasts them for bringing him anecdotes instead of connections, and he goes to the map to point out all the places (including Florida) where our favorite gangsters hang out, saying he needs them connected to make a case. When he's asked where the law is, he responds, "We'll get the crooks, then we'll find the law." Anyone who disagrees that is welcome to go back to investigating land fraud. Hey, land fraud is a serious crime! It costs people, uh, I want to say billions? Oh, I don't know.

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