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Nucky's in a train station in New York, wondering about the ripples in his coffee, that a hovering waiter helpfully tells him are due to the trains rumbling along underneath them, and not, as I hoped, due to a Tyrannosaurus rex stomping around somewhere nearby. Nucky's never noticed them before, but no, he doesn't need a refill on his Kessler au lait thank you very much.

And then — nearly midway through the season! — there's Margaret, coming to see him. It's as completely uncomfortable as you can imagine, with Nucky asking questions about where it was she came from, and Margaret evades being specific about where she's living or working. Margaret remarks on how he's going to Florida, and Nucky says, "But I'm supposed to tell you?" like what a big goddamn baby he is, and Margaret points out that Nucky himself told her that, when he called and said there was something he thought she'd want to know. Nucky's all, oh right! And he tells her that Eddie Kessler's gone. But Margaret doesn't get it at first, thinking that Eddie isn't working for Nucky anymore. I mean, he isn't, but… Nucky changes the subject, to the package he brought for Teddy, but Margaret realizes something's happened with Eddie, and Nucky, without actually saying it, lets her know that Eddie's dead, even if he doesn't manage to admit that Eddie took a swan dive out the window.

So Margaret says she's got a good job, and the kids are doing well -- but she can't keep up the façade of normalcy for long, and says whatever happened to Nucky's friend, he can't turn up to tell her things about his business like this. "I work, I pay my brother rent, a picture at the Loew's Kings if I stay awake. I'm trying to get on with it," she explains, asking if he understands. Rather than saying he does, Nucky asks if she'll give the package to Teddy. Wearily, she asks if it's some sort of creature; they haven't the room. "I wouldn't put something alive in a box," says Nucky, which has to be in the running for most unfortunate choice of words in history. Although, in Nucky's defense, it's highly unlikely that Owen was alive when he was stuffed in a box. Somehow, I don't think that would carry a lot of weight with Margaret, who gives Nucky a sharp look. After eventually agreeing to take the package to Teddy, Margaret checks her watch and tells Nucky she's got to get back to work. They both stand up, and Margaret says she's genuinely sorry: "No one knew how to look after you like Mr. Kessler." Nucky takes every inch of that pointed comment, and sits back down after Margaret leaves.

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