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Keep Their Heads Ringin'
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They're cleaning up the debris of Babbette's Supper Club down on the boardwalk. Still no indication of the fate of actual Babbette, I should mention. And peering down over the top of the burned out building is the Ritz Carlton, where Nucky Thompson is in his bedroom, being examined by his doctor. Through blurred vision, he's watching the doctor's finger move left and right. The ringing in his ears seems to be the bigger problem, and the doctor diagnoses him with concussion symptoms -- temporary lack of mental acuity, feeling in a fog, confusion. His head hurts but he's not taking his medicine, which can't help. He needs bed rest more than anything. He asks for Eddie but he means Eli, and he yells at Eddie when he corrects him. Nucky tries to get up but he gets dizzy and has to lie down. "You're very fortunate, Nucky," the doctor tells him, which must sound funny to a guy who can't stop picturing his girlfriend's face moments before she was exploded. He ends the doctor out.

Elsewhere in the suite, Margaret is going crazy trying to chase after two kids and that damned dog that Gyp Rosetti handed her on New Year's Eve. Eddie has to chase Teddy away from answering the phone like a jerk kid, then tells Margaret that the "decorations" are being delivered shortly. She snaps at Teddy to make his bed, but he says the maid will do it. "There won't always be maids!" she yells at him, then "You're driving me mad!" at the yappy dog. Poor Margaret.

Margaret then walks through a room full of business hangers-on, looking for Mr. Sleater. She gets let in to Nucky's office, and Sleater clears the room so they can talk. I wonder if that only seems suspicious to me because I know they're doing it. Anyway. He tells her each ward boss sent over three people, which is why it's so crowded. She's stressed out with the kids -- and a birthday party on top of that, for Emily. "Not a wandering vagrant this time," she says to Owen. He tells her it was Rosetti. She wonders what "Enoch" did to earn this. "He said no," Sleater says. Sometimes that's enough. Margaret says Rosetti is "more than welcome to take his dog back." I feel you on the unwanted pets issue, Margaret. He assures her this won't last forever. She thinks he means their stay at the Ritz. He doesn't. "When this is all sorted," he says, "you and I ..."

He's interrupted by Nucky, looking confused. He pours himself a drink, though Margaret doesn't think he should you be doing that. "You're muttering," he says, unable to hear her through fuzzy ears. Nucky declares that the three of them need to have a discussion right now. "What happened?" Guilty looks about, but he means the pony. They didn't buy it, Margaret reminds him, and he gets angry about it. Margaret says they don't exactly allow ponies in the hotel. Nucky fixates on poor Emily without her horse; his mind is obviously off. He gets insistent that they throw this party for Emily. His head starts ringing again

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