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The Age of Reason

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The Age of Reason
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Agent Van Alden is reading his bible while Lucy yells from the other room that she needs him to pick up some lemons from the store. She's supposed to be eating lemons for the pregnancy, see. She's in the kitchen, sitting on the end of the chair, looking like she's about to drop the kid out onto the floor. As delicate and demure as the day God made her. She complains that she can't get comfortable, to which the ultra-supportive Van Alden responds that he's been busy visiting Agent Clarkson, who is having trouble getting comfortable himself as he is currently burned over half his body. Lucy's all, "Sorry, daddy. I just want to be done with this." He says he'll pick up some lemons.

Christ on the cross! ...No, really, that's how this scene starts, with a shot of Christ on the cross. We're at the Catholic school, where Margaret, Nucky, and young Teddy are meeting with Father Ed (I'm sure he wasn't called "Father Ed" in these pre-Vatican II times, but we only get Nucky referring to him by his first name, so...) regarding Teddy's upcoming sacrament of First Confession. The priest is talking sternly about sin and hellfire, the usual pre-Confession spiel. Margaret is encouraging when Teddy struggles for the answers, but Nucky is impatient that he has to answer these questions at all. You get the feeling Nucky has lingering issues from his school days. So he rolls his eyes as the priest tells Teddy that sinning makes him like "the cruel Jews who taunted Jesus on the cross" and that it angers God. Nucky taps his watch and tells Father Ed that they need to wrap this up. Father Ed lectures that it's important that they set a good example to Teddy, which Nucky blows off and heads out to the car. With Nucky gone, the priest goes on lecturing about how Teddy is now seven years old, "The Age of Reason," old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. Old enough now that God doesn't simply watch over him, he judges him. Margaret looks lost in thought at that concept. Father Ed -- whose demeanor seems to be permanently angry -- says that Margaret needs to make sure Teddy is prepared to list his sins thoroughly tomorrow... and she should be prepared to do the same. Margaret is surprised by this. Why her? Father Ed says it's to set a good example, of course.

Federal court. Mr. Charles "Chip" Thorogood represents the people of the United States in their interest to take on jurisdiction of the Nucky Thompson case, on account of Mann Act violations that -- as he disingenuously grandstands -- he had to read about in the paper, because State's attorney Solomon Bishop failed to come forward with them! Can you imagine? Chip is really making an immediate and unfavorable impression here, with a most unpleasant combination of insincerity, grandstanding, and try-hard striving. The judge -- despite taking notice of Chippy's dweeby green shoes, and not being very impressed by them -- nonetheless sees the case Chippy's way. Bishop looks across the room at Nucky's attorney, who shrugs smugly.

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