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Gyp Rosetti and the Queen of the Harpies
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It's a calm Easter Sunday in New Jersey. I know because I've seen the whole episode and life is too short to pretend otherwise. But while we're supposed to be in the dark about that fact, this opening scene of Eli Thompson skulking about the front yard of a house is supposed to be ominous. Is he planting explosives around Gyp Rosetti's house? Retrieving stolen cash he buried before being sent to prison? No, no. This is the New Eli we're talking about: devoted family man and humble striver. He's simply hiding Easter eggs around his yard, in preparation for the day's events. That's our Eli!

Elsewhere in town, Gillian Darmody does not share Eli's early-bird gumption. She answers Richard Harrow's knock at the door with a barely audible "," and doesn't remove her sleep mask as she speaks to him. Apparently, she's already had him clear the house of all the girls for today (Easter, it turns out, is a terrible day for business in the whorehouse community), and now she wants him to dismiss the cook for the day. In addition, Richard is taking Tommy with him to Easter dinner with the Legion men at the Sagorsky household, which promises to be an utterly non-traumatic outing. Gillian doesn't want Tommy overhearing any crude language. She then sends Richard away, as the very act of speaking has made her lightheaded. So is this grief or something? No, it's just Gillian's time of the month, and she insists on perpetuating every awful stereotype she can before this season is over. Then again, as soon as Richard is gone, Gillian pops up off the bed, removes her mask, and starts moving with some purpose.

At the Thompson house, Teddy and Emily are dressed in their Sunday finery (including a lovely hat with pink ribbons for Emily) and waiting for their parents. While they do, Emily practices reciting the names of all eight (!) cousins they're going to meet today at Uncle Eli's house. Teddy kind of sneers and asks how she can remember them all. Well, Teddy, Emily has a head start in that she recognizes that other people exist because she's not a budding little sociopath. Emily brags to Nucky when he and Margaret walk in about being able to remember all her cousins, and he says she'll make a fine politician someday. "Girls can't be politicians!" Teddy brats (really not feeling Teddy at the moment). Nucky just smiles and says, "Doesn't England have queens?" ...Okay, kind of fudging it with the "politician" angle of the English monarchy, even in the 1920s, but points to Nucky for sticking up for feminism in front of his children (a far cry from his angry retorts about that Amelia Earhart woman from the season premiere). Margaret just puts on a determined smile, plays the happy wife and mother, and says let's go meet your cousins.

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