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Jesus! If you were missing Van Alden from last week (first of all, who are you?) you get a whole lot of him right off the top, with his face filling the frame in the opening shot. He’s delivering a bouquet to a new mother, flowers to a funeral, and a punch to the face…all with accompanying congratulations, condolences and a demand for repayment, respectively, from O’Bannion. So that’s still happening. The last delivery sees the recipient wind up on the floor on his back, nose bloodied, swearing he’ll have the money tomorrow. "Better to not vow than to vow and not pay," says Van Alden solemnly, as he yoinks whatever money the guy has on him. I actually doubt that O’Bannion would have more patience for someone not pledging to repay, but I suppose that’s not the point. At any rate, I think I’d prefer, if I were a deadbeat, to merely take my licks and not have to listen to a little lecture from Aesop here.

We’re a couple minutes in and Richard Harrow, returning to the family home, still hasn’t murdered anyone. What the balls? His sister tells him that "Samson ran off" this morning. This is a dog who is apparently too old and blind to hunt, a puppy that Richard himself played with as a puppy. While Richard and Emma talk about Samson, Richard gets himself a cup of coffee and puts in a stick of something, and I have no idea what it is. I’m not a coffee drinker, so far all I know this is something completely normal, but the camerawork sure seems to want me to take note of it.

Anyway, Emma asks Richard if he went to see their father, by which it’s immediately clear she means their father’s grave. Richard says their father was born in 1862, not 1869 as the tombstone reads. This is news to Emma, but Richard says their dad never wanted their mother to know just how much older he was. (I don’t blame him; my wife is younger than I am, and don’t think that isn’t constant cause for hilarity). Richard says his dad told him before he left for Fort Riley, since he didn’t want Richard to wait as long as he had before starting a family. "Stone’s bought and paid for. No changing it now," says Emma, looking slightly hurt that Richard — gone for however long, at this point — was more in their father’s confidence than she was.

As for their father’s death, Richard wants to know if it was quick, and Emma says he didn’t even want the minister around, having not much truck with that sort of business in the last couple of years. "So I was there, Gerald was there. He liked Jerry. You would have liked him, I think," says Emma. Richard thinks he remembers knowing him, Emma reminding him that his family runs the gravel pit out on Lake Road. Richard remembers the older one, Hubert, who Emma tells him comes around to help out.

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