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Peg of Old

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Peg of Old
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We open with Jack Dempsey practicing in a boxing ring set up on the beach in Atlantic City, just as Nucky had proposed earlier. And Nucky's there, along with a hundred or so spectators and countless reporters. Also, not for nothing, but Jack Dempsey could have been on the 1920s version of Gossip Girl with that bone structure. That is not a face that has been punched for a living. He fields questions from the adoring press, and then brings in a little person dressed as a Frenchman (the same nationality as his upcoming opponent) for an extra bit of showboating. Afterwards, Jack is glad-handing with Nucky and Bader outside the tent. Nucky asks him to do some promotion at Babbette's later this week, to which Jack agrees. Another reporter approaches with one more question, this time for Nucky: what did he and the Attorney General talk about on the golf course recently? Nucky evades the question, and then tells Jack to show him the "old right hook," and Dempsey puts the reporter in a playful headlock in the way that only devastatingly handsome professional athletes can do to soft journalists.

Elsewhere, Van Alden returns home to Lucy playing her music and smoking, with an air of impatience about her. She says the baby cried for five hours straight today, and she just got her down to bed. "Did you feed her?" Van Alden asks stupidly. She wants to know if he was able to reach his wife. He wasn't -- she's gone to visit an aunt in Milwaukee and won't speak to him. "We're being tested, Rose and I," he says. Lucy asks what about her? Van Alden: "I'm sure you're being tested as well, in your fashion." Heh. No, Lucy wants to know what happened to their arrangement, the one where she carries his baby for nine months and then hands it over to him for money. He doesn't have the money, however, and may not ever have it. (Also, unspoken, but no wife to give said baby to at the moment.) The baby starts crying in that super loud and intrusive way that they do when filmmakers want to covey that the baby is becoming a burden. Lucy starts pressing for her $3,000. "Lord knows what I was thinking," Van Alden says, to himself if no one else, which makes her think he's been conning her this whole time. He doesn't know how else to defend himself, so he just leaves, with Lucy hollering out after him: "This is your baby! You bought it!" She yells that the kid doesn't even have a name yet. From the apartment next door: "Shut up with the shouting!" From Lucy: "YOU SHUT UP!"

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