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It's early morning at Chateau Nucky when Margaret comes downstairs to find the maids huddled around the newspapers, whispering and worried. It's awkward when they notice Margaret there, and their frightened expressions around Margaret make you wonder if she's turned into a mean dowager lady. Turns out, she's kind of using her station to cover up her nervousness/anger at Nucky not coming home last night. When the maids show her the newspaper, telling of Nucky's arrest, her face falls. She then changes the subject to the weather and marches forward with plans for tonight's dinner. One of the maids hands her a card the children made her, one that captures the sweet/weird quality of Margaret's kids quite well ("Cherished Mother, you have our hearts"). The maids wonder if there will be a dinner, considering. Margaret just plows forward, saying the rug must be taken out and beaten before Mr. McGarrigle and the other guests arrive. She sounds scary a little!

At Nucky's office, Eddie tries to maintain the illusion that he is supervising as state investigators ransack the premises. You have to feel for him as he looks upon all this barbarism. Cutting into upholstery, I mean! On the phone with Margaret, Eddie assures that Nucky is being bailed out, but he rushes off the phone before she can ask anything. One of the maids is caught eavesdropping, but rather than upbraid her, all Margaret asks is "What sort of coat do you have?"

At the jailhouse, Nucky and Chalky are sharing a cell, with Nucky trying to explain why Chalky's been locked up for his own protection. Chalky understands but is nevertheless angry. After all, isn't Nucky's power supposed to keep him protected from things like Klan attacks? Why are they now so emboldened? The answers to that don't bode well for Nucky and he knows it. Nucky asks Chalky about election night; what were the other ward bosses up to? Nucky goes through their names -- Neary, Boyd, Fleming, O'Neill -- and Chalky settles on Neary. Why? "He's been a sumbitch forever." [Note: I've been calling Neary "Neri" all this time, probably because of The Godfather, Part II. Anyway: corrected.] Chalky says the right question isn't who squealed, but who told them to squeal. Before Nucky can think too hard on that, his bail is posted. And what about Chalky? Nucky tells him to be patient. Chalky says he's getting his own "Jew lawyer," so ... And hey, good for him! After Nucky leaves, Chalky stares out after him. "Precarious motherfucker."

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