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Willie gripes about how he should have stayed in Philadelphia for the break, because all his dad does is tell him what not to do. Nucky’s like, "Yeah, that’s what fathers are supposed to do", but Willie would rather Eli tell him about the business. "Which business is that?" asks Nucky carefully, and Willie’s all, "ours."

Nucky cocks his head and explains to him that there’s what he does, what Willie’s father helps him with, and it’s not anything for Willie to worry about. Not unless Nucky’s on the run from people trying to kill him, I guess? Nucky says he hasn’t forgotten Willie’s help, but what he needs to do now is get the degree. "We’re all counting on it," Nucky says. Pretty reasonable to assume Nucky’s not talking in a general "it would be good for your family" kind of way, either. Nucky tells his nephew to keep getting A’s, and he can always talk to Nucky if he wants to get something off his chest.

He turns to go, and Willie’s all, "I do smoke." Nucky knows, adding, "I went to college for a year. It’s where I picked up all my bad habits." Well, me too, but I managed not to turn public urination into a career.

Capone’s at home, still stewing about the misspelling of his name, as he and his brothers retire to the living room for some post-dinner drinks. Ralphie tries to tell his brother that it was probably just an honest mistake, that the "pilgrim" reporter probably doesn’t have any idea how to spell foreign names. It’s not like Al thinks the kid did it on purpose, but he got Torrio’s name right, and Ralphie says people know Johnny Torrio. And that’s Al’s point. Frank tries to reason with Al by pointing out that if people know Torrio, then Torrio will get the heat, but Al’s bristling because he was there first, and brought his brothers out, because that’s what a brother does. "I bought this house that we’re living in, and I run the Inn, and the Ship, and that’s not nothing. I’m not nothing. I’m nobody’s fatotus." Frank and Ralph can’t help smirking at Al’s mispronunciation.

And then Frank winds his brother up by calling him "Snorky," which apparently was a real nickname used by Al Capone’s closest friends, and tells him he’s a "very special boy." Then the brothers are wrestling on the ground, much to the dismay of the womenfolk, who start scurrying around and speaking agitated Italian.

Here’s Dunn Pursely, pouring a couple of drinks in a hotel room, with the booking agent’s wife, Alma Pastor, on the bed, saying she doesn’t have time for that, because she has to be back in forty minutes. "I couldn’t have been clearer," she says. Dunn wordlessly hands her the drink anyway, and she downs it all in one shot.

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