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He trails off, starting to cry. He offers up the $5,000 in the office safe for WHOEVER THIS IS to just walk away, assuming WHOEVER THIS IS doing it for money. Still no response, and Warner starts to get up when we see Harrow sitting in front of Warner’s desk, raising his gun. Warner really starts to sob. "You don’t know me! You don’t know anything about me!" he blubbers. Not in a talk-show you’re-not-the-boss-of-me way. "I know you’re gonna die," croaks Harrow. Warner gets permission to at least sign the card, and then as Harrow gets up and approaches the desk, Warner offers him what he’s written: the address of the guy who runs things. Harrow shoots Warner in the cheek, good Christ. Warner manages to croak out a fishy-mouthed "why," and Harrow shoots him in the head, and picks up the card.

Hey, family dinner at Eli’s! Nucky’s there, watching as a standing, embarrassed Willie sings the Temple University fight song, much to the amusement of his siblings and the beaming pride of his parents. He finishes, everyone applauds, and one of the little brothers, impressed, says, "Then you go beat people up?" Heh. Nucky explains that they sing it at football games.

Eli wants to know how often Willie goes to those. Willie mutters that it’s once in a while, "with the fellas," hoping to head off his dad, who is one of those "you study every waking moment"-type of fathers. Nucky points out Willie got an A in accounting, and Willie has to admit it was in "geography of commerce." June tries to lighten things up by asking who the “fellas” are, and Willie rattles off a list of hilarious ‘20s-style nicknames. Why, there’s Flitch! And Dobby! And Tip! And Henry, you know, the Smoking Jacket-Borrowing Orphan, but everybody just calls him "Bucket"! "These are boys, or ponies?" asks Eli, to snickers. But June wants to know if they’re “smokers” and Willie first says he doesn’t know, then says they’re not, and then points out his own dad is like a chimney. Willie really needs to step up his game when it comes to lying to his parents. Eli’s pissed that Willie seems to have forgotten — now that he’s "so popular" — that that’s his mother he’s talking to. Willie gets up and walks over to his mother to say he loves her and to give her a kiss.

It's a good time for Nucky to take his leave, before the petty family squabblings get more uncomfortable. Eli says he’ll call Nucky later. Willie, though, follows his uncle outside. Nucky tells him to put a coat on, and I have to say the Thompson brothers are rather big on season-appropriate outerwear. Willie says his mother’s checking it for tobacco stains. It’s entirely possible he’s not kidding.

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