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In a courtroom, Gillian Dharmody quietly lays out the case for why she should have Tommy back. Her case doesn’t really consist of much more than, "I’m his grandmother." The Sagorskys sit on the other side of the courtroom, of course, as Gillian — represented by good ol’ Leander Cephas Whitlock, in all his muttonchopped glory — explains she’s selling her home to take up in a more modest place so she can bring Tommy up in the safety and comfort he deserves. Just to be safe she might tell the judge that her new residence won’t be a whorehouse where his life was threatened before a man with half a face laid waste to a dozen-odd men. But I’m not a lawyer.

She does thank the Sagorskys for looking after him for the past eight months, though, so that’s nice. Julia seethes and glares. "My grandson belongs with me. It’s time he came home," says Gillian. Julia, in a tone of voice best described as "Are you fucking kidding me?" says that Tommy was being raised in a "cathouse" which almost makes it sound kind of fun. Sadly, her dad and her lawyer both want her to shut up about that. God forbid they win the case. The judge would like to talk about what went down eight months ago. He doesn’t appear to know exactly what happened, and under what circumstances brought Tommy to the Sagorsky house. Gillian sure as hell isn’t going to say, and Julia doesn’t seem comfortable explaining it either.

Eli’s barreling along in a car driven by his son Willie, who I guess has been recast this season, but honestly if no one had told me I wouldn’t have noticed. They manage to arrive alive — despite Willie’s less than elegant wheelwork — at the distillery, Mickey Doyle’s outside, and Willie’s all, "Who’s that?" and gets a vague, "Someone who works for us," in return. I mean, it’s not like there’s any love lost between the two of them. If that means Doyle is too busy scowling at Eli to unleash one of his spine-compacting giggles, that’s fine by me.

Willie asks a few more questions about the running of the distillery, but Eli, looking at his son, wants to talk about something else. "I smell smoke," he says. Willie unwisely tries the "he who smelt it dealt it" routine, and that doesn’t work, and then blatantly makes up a story about his friend who smokes and borrowed Willie’s coat. "He borrows coats? What is he, an orphan?" says Eli, not fooled. Then he makes his son button up his coat, because taking him to his uncle’s illegal bootlegging operation is one thing, but bringing him home with the sniffles is quite another. You can’t blame Willie for feeling a little resentful that his dad treats him like a kid.

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