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"Where’s he sitting"” Nucky asks, while Eddie de-lints him. "Vere you vanted him," says Eddie, who then opens the door for Nucky into a sitting room where Eli brings him a drink. Sitting around the room are Joe Masseria, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, and Tonino Sandrelli. Standing behind Lansky is Arnold Rothstein. Nucky crosses the room to shake Masseria’s hand, since they’ve never actually met. Masseria looks like Nucky just took a dump on the carpet, and Luciano says, in Italian, "You should shake it." Masseria does not, and Nucky wants to know if Masseria speaks English. "He’s not in the mood," says Luciano. So this is off to a good start. Moving on, then!

Nucky turns to Eli, who says, "We want to settle things." I think you do, too. Nucky just wants peace. He’s got his territory — south to Cape May, north to Asbury Park, west to Trenton — and the casino, the numbers, and the wire. And that’s all he wants.

The other gangsters have a little to say about what the war cost them — Rothstein almost in federal court, Masseria’s men gunned down — but Nucky insists that he only returned trouble that was brought to his doorstep, just like he’d expect any of them to do. Masseria’s the one who suggests that more than words are needed here, so in comes the handbag of money. The other gangsters have a little difficulty accepting Nucky’s entreaties that he just wants peace: to see a Broadway show, go shopping or out for dinner without having to look over his shoulder. And maybe they in turn enjoy the beach here? "Not especially," says Rothstein, looking ready to explode. Yeah, Nucky, that’s not a fair trade. Nucky repeats that he just wants peace, and Rothstein stiffly says where Nucky eats or shops is of no concern of him. "This ends that," agrees Masseria, pointing to the money. So that’s out of the way. Time for some catching up!

Masseria and Rothstein play Who Got the Better Up And Comer, with Rothstein asking Luciano how’s he doing — doing well, thanks for "axing" — and patting Lansky’s shoulder. Lucky and Meyer don’t appear to be on speaking terms. Everyone but Rothstein leaves: "All of man’s troubles come from his inability to sit quietly in a room by himself," he says, quoting Pascal. He’s still a little skeptical that that’s what Nucky’s doing now, or able to do Nucky sips his whisky and says Rothstein’s expected at the table — no limit. That’s probably the best way to make A.R. happy, and as he practically skips merrily out of the room, he says he ran the odds of Nucky trying to kill him here, coming up with 14-1 against. I guess he couldn’t set the odds too much higher, or that’d be an incentive to off him. Although I guess in that case he wouldn’t have to pay up. He smiles, Nucky nods, A.R. leaves. Nucky crosses the floor to the window to watch the rehearsing dancing girls below, standing quietly in a room by himself.

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