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Are We Having Dunn Yet?

The clickety-clack of tap dancing takes us from the opening scene to the next: a pair of dancing men on the day-lit stage of an empty club. In front of Chalky White is Dunn Purnsley, a bored looking woman smoking and the talent agent currently bragging about discovering the two dancers in a juke joint in Louisville and bringing them along. Chalky calls them "rough" but the booking agent says a year from now you won’t be able to get a seat to see them. "He’s selling us hard, huh?" Chalky says to Dunn, while the woman scribbles away at something, and Dunn good-naturedly suggests checking the mule’s teeth. The woman’s indifferent agreement to her husband’s assertion that he doesn’t have to sell anything because he represents the best speaks volumes, and she gets much more interested in waggling her drink at Dunn and asking him to freshen up her New York Sour. "Mix you up the Jersey version," says Dunn.

He leaves, and the booking agent clears his throat and checks his watch. It does not go unnoticed — it was not supposed to go unnoticed — by Chalky, who wonders if the booking agent is carpet bagging him with his offer of a grand apiece for two weeks, "and we’ll see what happens after."

Chalky says he wants Fletcher Henderson up there. "Who doesn’t? But Smack’s in New York!”"is the response, because we can’t get through a scene without being sent to Google to learn about some period detail and some real person.

Chalky considers the offer and then calls out to the two dancers to see if they’ve broken a sweat yet. They haven’t. "Elton, shake your lazy rump!" says one, which is-- I believe -- a reference to the Beastie Boys, a New York trio of the day. The dancers quicken their pace and swing their arms. So Chalky and the agent are enthralled as Dunn heads back with the refreshed drink, but the woman catches his eye long before he gets to the table and motions for him to check his jacket pocket. He finds a cocktail napkin with a doodle showing a happy naked woman and a man with a boner. There is also a question mark above it. Wow, Draw Something was pretty racy in the 1920s! He looks up, while she gauges his reaction. "Apparently intrigued" about covers it. It’s certainly not "unreceptive."

Upstairs now, where Nucky is in a darkened room, is able to look down at the club below. Eddie comes hobbling in with a cane. He survived, apparently, but not without lasting effects. "All have arrived," he tells Nucky, bringing him his jacket. Nucky tries to put it on himself, but Eddie won’t hear of it. "It’s easy enough to do," protests Nucky, but that just leaves an opening for Eddie to say, "Then I vill do it." If Nucky was really concerned about overworking poor Eddie, he could probably just let the poor bastard retire.

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