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Sawicki heads around back, jimmies the lock, and is blown backwards, by the impressively effective boobytrap. Inside, Borst scrambles to his feet with another shotgun and stupidly rushes right outside to stand there looking at the body. He turns when we hear Knox call his name, and then he gets a bullet through the head. He’s dead as well. Knox strolls into the garage, helps himself to a fresh glass of whatever Borst was drinking.

He calmly walks back out, and tells the dying Sawicki that he’ll call it in as soon as he gets a grip on himself. "I don’t mind saying this has all got me pretty rattled."

Elsewhere, Nucky gets dressed, having just finished banging whatever her name is. She wants to make a deal: She won’t tell Cantor if he doesn’t. I think that pretty much goes without saying. "He’s a doll, though. Learn something new every day," she says, before wondering if he really lives there. He says it suits his needs, but that’s how it is with a bachelor. That’s the only hint towards Margaret we’re going to get this episode. She asks if he’s lonely, and he admits he is now and then.

So she sits and confesses that she’s wanted to meet him for a long time: Frowning, Nucky asks why. “Everyone talked about you and Billie,” she says. Nucky asks what they said. “Well, how else could she star on Broadway?” She gets up, still naked, and kisses Nucky, seemingly under the impression that it’s going to turn him on to hear that she’s only there so he can make her a star too. He asks her to give him a minute, and he walks out.

A moment later, in comes Eddie to clean things up. "Mr. Thompson has asked me to say he has been called avay," he says. She’s confused, because Nucky said he’d be right back. "But he is not," says Eddie firmly. Goddamn I’m glad Eddie didn’t die. Anyway, she gets the picture. "Son of a goddamn bitch," she mutters. Eddie’s all, excuse me? "What am I supposed to do?" she asks. "You are supposed to leave," says Eddie. God, I love him. He brings her her clothes and throws them on the bed. And in case she plans on taking her time, a couple of Nucky’s men step into frame to hurry her up, although chivalry dictates they all turn their heads while she gets dressed.

Nucky has disappeared to the balcony of the -- oh, come on -- Albatross Hotel, where he looks at a fishing picture and a note from Captain McCoy. In the picture, McCoy’s next to a marlin or a tuna or something, I don’t know, and on the back he’s written, "Nuck — Big haul down here. Come and see. Your pal, McCoy." He’s also looking at some Florida land titles. Eddie brings out some coffee, and Nucky says he didn’t have to get up. So I guess this isn’t immediately after giving the starlet the heave-ho. Eddie sniffs that he was not yet asleep, and Nucky goes back to looking at property. Thinking of retiring?

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