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Are We Having Dunn Yet?

Al asks the bespectacled reporter how old he is — he’s twenty-two. "Making a name for yourself, huh?" Gotta hand it to the young idiot, who bravely (stupidly? ) says he’s just telling the truth. Capone’s all, "Oh, the truth, huh?" and he grabs the paper and writes on it, then hands it to the young Bolshie and tells him to read it, one letter at a time. It is, of course, the correct spelling of Capone. "Now you know," says Al, who then gives the kid a couple swats on the back of the head, and he and Frank leave.

Over at The Onyx, a packed house -- I don’t need to tell you the audience is all white -- listens to the announcer intone about how "it’s the darkest gems that shine most bright." The curtains pull back and the Onyx girls step out, wearing robes, marching slowly down the steps to slow jazz.

The tempo picks up, the robes are doffed, and the girls start shaking their tails in sequined gold fringe. Nucky’s date -- the one with the weary gynecologist -- watches through the dancing as Nucky confers with Dunn and Chalky. Nucky’s chagrined that Dunn somehow hasn’t been able to find a half-naked white girl in the black part of town. "Maybe she froze in a doorway somewhere, or took off to New York," says Dunn, not int the mood. Nucky, just as unimpressed, says Dunn missed his calling as a detective, and Chalky has to break it up. He tells Dunn to go check the bar, and after Dunn leaves, he reminds Nucky that Dunn stood up for him when it counted, and if there’s any riding to be done, Chalky will be the one to do it. Nucky says he doesn’t want anyone else’s grief, and Chalky says he won’t get it.

Nucky heads back to his table, where his date fake-pouts that she thought he’d abandoned her. He asks what she thinks of the show. "Deliciously primitive," she says, so I guess that means it’s OK for us all to go ahead and hate her. Nucky asks if it brings out the beast in her, and instead of vomiting all over the table at Nucky’s creepy flirting, she leans in and whispers that he’ll just have to wait and see.

Sawicki and Knox are now outside Borst’s place, discussing the plan. Knox figures they knock on the door and simply ask for the bribe, essentially, while the veteran Sawicki says they’re just going "to blow this hillbilly over." He gets out of the car, and a nervous Knox follows suit. Sawicki tells him it’s a fifty-fifty split. "Is that standard?" asks Knox. Sawicki tells him to draw his weapon, but Knox is frozen. "I just don’t see well in the dark," he says. Sawicki wants to know how he made the Bureau, then, and Sawicki confesses his father was in the same Elks lodge as their congressman. It doesn’t take twenty-twenty vision to figure out where this is headed. Sawicki tells Knox to stay there and watch the front while he goes around back, and he’ll signal for him. Knox is all, "Great, and don’t worry, because there’s totally not a shotgun booby trap back there!"

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