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Oh, good! Looks like Gillian’s on snort-able drugs too! She wipes her nose clean, looking at her reflection in the mirror. (As little as possible, is my guess, but I might be reading too much into it). Then she goes back into the bedroom, and asks another gentleman caller, just as she did the last one, "What’s the verdict?"

This is Ron Livingston, and he tells her she’s asking a lot. She promises it’s worth it, though, and he doesn’t doubt it. It would appear that this time they are talking just about the house, although it threatens to go a different way when Gillian asks if there’s anything she can do to persuade him. Livingstone says it’s more than her really needs, and — not that it’s any of his business or anything — but she doesn’t appear to actually want to sell. She says she does, and he tells her he knows what it’s like to find the courage to leave something that’s a part of you.

Anyway, he only needs something for a few months. We learn his name is Roy Philips, and Gillian asks what brings him to town. Turns out he works for the Piggly Wiggly supermarket chain, which is expanding out this way, and he’s here to set it up. You know, I’d really like to have been a fly on the wall when the founders of that store chose the name.

Gillian, fishing around, notes it must be hard on his wife, and Philips is all, "Remember when I talked about leaving things behind earlier? That’s what I meant," and then he references the cotillions and ermine muffs, so I guess Gillian’s got her spiel down pat. Probably helps to have it memorized if you’re going to be high all the time. He tells her they would suit him well. That gets through Gillian’s coke haze, and she asks if he really thinks so. He does, but he’s a dreamer, you see. At some point during this scene, I hope my eyes will stop rolling.

Anyway, he’s got an appointment to see another place in Bungalow Park. "You don’t want to live there," she says, and he groans. "Can’t trust a realtor," he says. He turns to go, and turns back, admits to being a bit "at sea." He could use a "knowledgeable companion", to which a delighted Gillian says, "I’m certainly that." Rent is thirty dollars a month, Philips. Forty if you want her to put it in her mouth.

Over to the offices of the Cicero Daily Tribune now, where get a classic close-up of a page being typed. Something to do with working girls! And "working girls" is in quotes! Hold the front page, sweetheart, he’s cooking up a corker here! Capones Al and Frank stroll in. Al’s not in a big rush. "Factotum," he says to the wary reporter. Al looked it up: it’s a servant, someone who does whatever you tell him to do.

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