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Are We Having Dunn Yet?

Now Sawicki is intrigued, both because Borst was talking to Knox, and by the apparently huge bankroll he had. According to Knox, who clearly has a little more guile than he appears, is golly-goshing the idea that Borst asked a couple of Treasury agents to guard his stash. Think about that, huh? says Knox. Sawicki already is.

Back over at the hotel, Chalky is mildly chewing out Dunn, Dickie’s slumped corpse covered in a blood-soaked sheet. "I signed contracts with that man. He connected in New York," points out Chalky, who planned to work those connections to make them himself. And now Dunn has to go and crap all over it for "fifteen minutes of jelly." It would probably only make Chalky angrier if Dunn pointed out that it wasn’t even near fifteen minutes’ worth, so Dunn stays silent. Chalky asks what Dunn’s got to say for himself. “She the devil, that’s all,” mutters Dunn, and Chalky angrily reminds him that it wasn’t the devil-woman who carved up Dickie’s neck.

There’s a knock at the door. Chalky shoots one last glare at Dunn, and then goes to let in Eli and Nucky. Eli crouches by the corpse and pulls the sheet off. Nucky recoils, "Jesus. His head’s practically off." Dunn assures them he earned it. Nucky lets Dunn know he’s not at all interested in his side of it just yet. Chalky tells Nucky it was Dickie Pastor, a booking agent who worked for Owney Madden. Nucky must be sick of hearing about this Owney Madden! As for the girl, she climbed out the window, Dunn says. "I guess you were too busy," says Nucky. Nice to see his sarcasm isn’t lying low.

Eli, still the lawman, wants to know who saw them come in. The nightman did, says Chalky, but he couldn’t say who else. Nucky tells Eli to slip him out the back way. "I have a place," Eli quietly assures him. Yes, I suppose you do, Eli. They gotta find the girl too, Chalky reminds them. Can’t be too far: "No coat, no shoes, no money." And then, Nucky asks? "Take care of it," says Chalky. Nucky tells him to make sure people around here stay quiet, and leaves, Eli staying behind. "That on you," Chalky says to Dunn.

Dawn’s just about ready to break, with Dunn hauling Dickie’s body over some scrub land, Chalky and Eli stone-cold chillin’ in the car and having fun at Dunn’s expense. They make him come back to close the door. "Don’t slam it!" Eli tells him. "There’s a shoe right there!" Chalky calls after him, adding for him not to just chuck it away. Dunn hauls the body in to the hole that I presume he had to dig.

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