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Are We Having Dunn Yet?

"Isn’t that right?" he asks. You can see some of the fear in Dunn’s face passing into confusion and hardening into anger. Dickie walks closer and lifts the gun to Dunn’s forehead. “Isn’t it?" Dunn growls a yes. "Yes, what?" asks Dickie. "Yes, boss," says Dunn, not taking his eyes off Dickie. At this point, we know one of these two men will be dead soon. Hell, we know which one, too.

Then Dickie steps back, and jerks his head towards his wife. "Go on. Act like a nigger. She’s waiting." Dunn looks at Alma, who, tellingly, is not in the least surprised, and she smiles at him, dropping the sheets she’d used to cover herself up. Dunn, disgusted, looks back at Dickie, who promises to put his brains on the wall otherwise.

Dunn stands up, pulls his pants back down (at Dickie’s behest). "It’s all just some fun," Alma tells him. Dunn grabs her legs and yanks her towards him, and gets back on the bed. Jesus, Dickie’s already got his hand down his own pants. "There’s no changing you people," he says, equal parts disgusted and horny, and Dunn doesn’t take very long before he’s up, smashing the liquor bottle across Dickie’s head and then stabbing him viciously with the broken neck, Alma screaming. I lost count at fifty stabs. I’m exaggerating, but not by much. He stabs Dickie so much that by the time he turns back to the bed, Alma’s gone, the curtains blowing in the wind of the open window. Dunn’s face is a mask of fury and shame, suggesting that Alma saved her own life — at least temporarily — by getting the hell out of there.

Meanwhile, agents Sawicki and Knox are staking out an expected drop-off that’s twenty minutes late, according to a growingly frustrated Stan. Knox says maybe it’s because criminals aren’t very punctual that they’re not "productive members of society," but Stan thinks maybe Knox’s informant was just lying to him. "He gave a strong impression of sincerity," says Knox, while not disagreeing. Knox says he wants to get an arrest or two under his belt, sounding like he’s feeling Sawicki out a bit as he suggests that that would be a good way to ensure "Supervisor Elliot" stays off their case.

Sawicki doesn’t take that bait, but is instead disgusted to discover that the drink he just sipped from is tea; he got Knox’s order by mistake. Speaking as someone who drinks tea, I take grave exception to the implication that this marks Knox out as a weirdo! They switch drinks — Knox promising he hasn’t touched what was supposed to be Sawicki’s — and sip. Not in silence, because Knox won’t shut up. He starts talking about that farmer Elmer at the distillery. "Roly-poly Otis," Sawicki calls him, because "they’re all Otis to me." Anyway, Knox explains that "Otis" has all kinds of liquor in his garage, and wanted them to keep tabs on it.

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