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Are We Having Dunn Yet?

She’s not so pressed for time that she can’t snidely ask if this is supposed to be considered a nice hotel in this part of town. "It’s disgusting," she says, then asks for another drink. Dunn gets it, while Alma says Dunn’s boss should be careful, because her husband steals from the acts and from the owners. "He’s a nasty little thief," she says. "He’s your husband," points out Dunn, who really might not want, right now, to express disapproval with the way this particular woman chooses to treat her wedding vows. She says she likes to say bad things about him, going for a "Ain’t I bad girl who needs to be disciplined?"- kinda thing. Dunn’s not that interested in that, and wants to get straight to business. "For someone in a hurry, you talk a lot," he says. Agreed! He unbuckles his pants, she pulls off her dress, and he gets to work, hoisting up her legs and climbing onto the bed. She warns him not to touch her hair.

There is much grunting and moaning. Dunn grabs the headboard and really plows the appreciative Alma, who has a mouth a porn star could take lessons from. She orders him to "swirl that cock," and Dunn obliges. The headboard bangs hard for a few moments, until an agreeable "Hi!" from the corner has Dunn pulling back (and out) and yelling, "Motherfucker!" in surprise. The husband’s in the corner, sitting down, expressing a theatrical shock that suggests he’s not, in fact, all that surprised. He wants to know what’s going on here. Apart from the cock-swirling, you mean? Alma immediately goes for the "he threatened me" defense, and Dunn urgently insists that she’s lying, but he’s silenced by Dickie waving a gun around. Dickie tells him to sit down, and doesn’t even let Dunn pull his pants up first. Dunn sits, and Dickie asks what happened.

Alma says she got in Dunn’s car while Dickie was going over the contracts, and Dunn threatened her with a straight razor and drove her "to the Negro part of town," as Dickie puts it.

Dickie doesn’t much like Dunn interrupting to try to tell his side of the story, or his calling him Dickie. "We’re not on a first-name basis. We’re not friends. You’re fucking my wife." Dickie then goes on at length about what a friend he is to the black man. You know, "you people." He puts money in their pockets and eats their food and he loves the music, and all that. "But in the end, you know what always happens? You act like the fucking niggers that you are."

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