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There's some new names in the opening credits, some of which I knew were going to be there (Jeffrey Wright) and others I didn’t (Ron Livingston). As I get older, I start to understand why old people have a hard time remembering the names of actors. It’s not just difficulty adding new names every year to your internal IMDb, but keeping track of the ones that are in there and maybe falling into disuse. Because I saw "Ron Livingston" and, I swear to God, thought of Ron Perlman. And then I thought of Ron Eldard, for crying out loud. And it took me a few minutes to remember just who Ron Livingston is.

The Season 4 premiere episode begins with a fade up on a dilapidated gas station/diner in the middle of the night. The only two customers at the counter needing to rouse the sleepy ol’ bartender who want him to change the radio station channel to something that’s playing a little more of the hip new sounds of whatever was hip and new in 1924. But that’s the only station they get here in what turns out to be — after a drawn-out, drawling conversation — Warsaw, Indiana. It apparently has the second-longest contiguous brick wall in the world, and don’t think the local chamber of commerce wasn’t flooded with calls Monday morning to find out if that were still true or if it ever was.

The old bartender doesn’t seem to get that one of the two men — who are traveling together — is only pretending to be interested (the other guy can’t even be bothered), but he can’t help but notice the gun he’s got under his coat as he reaches for his wallet to pay the check.

Outside in the swirling snow, his buddy upbraids him for putting down a “sawbuck” on a two-dollar tab, but the first guy crows about the easy money they’ve made. “I thought we were laying low,” says Cheap Tip. The car won’t start, and Cheap Tip — apparently the junior in the partnership — gets out to look under the hood. Sawbuck waits in the car and yells for him to “jiggle the plugs or something,” but when there’s no response to his suggestion within like, five seconds, he gets out of the car and finds his partner lying awkwardly on the wheel well, with his throat slashed.

He’s even more surprised to find himself staring down the barrel of Richard Harrow’s gun, but it’s not an emotion that he’s going to have to feel for very long before departing this world via bullet to the head. Harrows pats down Sawbuck’s jacket and pulls out an envelope with an Old Mission Title Insurance stamp in the return address corner, and melts away into the night. Richard Harrow: 1920s Ninja!

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