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Weekend at Purnsley’s

Generally, a villain’s escalating pretentious mutterings don’t bode very well for whoever he says them to, but Daughter, despite rescuing Chalky, still seems somewhat under the spell of Narcisse. "You will be clothed in glory," she says, and he dismissively remarks how well he’s trained her. She promises she’ll keep Chalky here longer next time, and Narcisse then kneels beside her, and asks if she remembers what they promised each other when they traveled from New Orleans years ago. "You would protect me always," says Daughter. "And that you would be free, free to lie down with any man, but your heart… your heart…" says Narcisse, who can’t finish it. "Was yours. Was always yours," says Daughter.

Since we can tell Daughter now thinks she’s in the clear, now it’s time for things to turn. "Your rug. Glass shards still in the carpet there. Mr. White is alive, and you, you have crushed me," he says, quietly, eyes wet, staring at her. He grabs her head, then lets go, stands up, his back to her… and then suddenly pivots and hits her across the face.

Speaking of getting hit in the face, Van Alden is back home, ice on his face, a worried Sigrid asking, "These men, did they rob you?" She’s confused why they’d do that, and he starts by saying they tried to rob him, but he blows up and asks if it really matters. Oh, now you got the kid crying again! But Van Alden’s on a roll, and stands up, and is about to launch into a rant about how he’s put up with more than most men, but there’s a knock at the door, and he tells a frightened Sigrid to put the kid somewhere. "Wherever it is he gets put! Du forsta?" (That's Swedish for, “You understand?"). He goes to the door, and it’s the angry Capone brothers, who demand to know what happened. He says he was jumped by "hooligans" and Al points out that it’s not good if O’Banion knows what’s coming to him. "Give me till tonight. I’ll wait till after closing," says Van Alden. Al makes warning insinuations about what happens if he botches this again, and Van Alden promises he won’t.

Back to the White house, where Lester is playing a jaunty piano, and Maybelle and Sam holding hands. Lester apologizes after stumbling through some high triplets, but Sam’s mom says it sounds lovely to her, and everyone applauds when he finishes. Proud sis Maybelle points out he’s had only three weeks of lessons, so he’s either a prodigy or he started learning on his own a lot longer than three weeks ago.

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