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Weekend at Purnsley’s

Over to the Sagorsky house now where Paul’s playing outside with Tommy while inside Julia is lamenting another empty liquor bottle, which are being drained much faster now that Richard’s back. She wants to know what the two men talk about when they’re up all hours of the night downstairs. "Things we’ve been through. It helps him," says Richard. " Paul worries about Julia", he adds. Starting to get upset, Julia wants to know why he’s worried about her. "You’re very bad at hiding things," she says, sitting down. I thought I was pretty good at it, he says. At any rate, she knows what Richard is getting at. "From the drinking?" she asks. Richard says she needs to hear it from Paul. She says her father won’t tell her, but Richard says he will when he’s ready.

"So he expects you to take care of us?" she asks. Richard says they just talk, and that’s all. Julia’s a little offended, truth be told, and notes that a girl at her job who started just a couple of months before her has been made a floor manager already, which is a bump up to $15 a week. "You could do that," says Richard, and Julia already knows that. "And you wouldn’t need me," says Richard. Julia crosses the floor to sit next to him, reminding him that the judge thinks it would be better if she were married. "You might do in a pinch," she says, joking-but-not-joking. Richard stares blankly at her until she says if he doesn’t say anything, it’s going to get very awkward. He stammers for a moment, and then simply says, "Yes. I’m saying yes." Julia allows herself to smile a bit.

Narcisse is over at Daughter’s house, quizzing her the night ol’ Purnsley came calling. Or, rather, didn’t come calling, which is apparently the story Daughter is going with. Although I suppose that’s really the only other option. I have to confess, I could have stood an episode of Daughter and Chalky throwing a pair of sunglasses on Purnsley’s corpse around and moving his arms and legs, Weekend at Bernie’s-style. "All through the long lovers’ night," says Narcisse, sounding skeptical. Daughter says she couldn’t even get Chalky to stay, because he was too worried about his wife asking questions, and preoccupied with his daughter’s upcoming wedding. "Is that what he talks to you about?" says Narcisse, looking awfully menacing standing in the doorway; we see half his face. Daughter insists again that she couldn’t get Chalky to stay. Narcisse says his wish is never to involve her, but to keep her separate "above the muck that I have walked through here in Babylon, where we each of us have been exiled."

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