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Weekend at Purnsley’s

In the Onyx, Rothstein apparently has a life insurance policy from one of his subsidiaries … on Mickey Doyle? Worth $500,000? Nucky’s surprised as anyone, but not too worried about it. "So what are you waiting for? Kill him," he suggests. Rothstein is taken aback, who says at the very least he wanted Nucky’s permission. That’s what he just gave you, A.R.! Nucky’s practical about it: Does he at least get a cut? Rothstein’s shock -- calling it a "callous attitude" -- is a bit much, since he’s the one who brought it up here in the first place. Nucky calls Doyle an imbecile whom he’d be glad to be rid of.

So, Rothstein -- surprised that Doyle is not an integral part of the operation -- changes tack. "Make me an offer," he says. A surprised Nucky is all, "To not kill him? How’s a plugged nickel sound?" Ha! Rothstein says Nucky could buy the policy from him, making himself the beneficiary, which gives Nucky a sense of what’s really going on. "Money troubles, Arnold?" he asks. For a guy who loves gambling so much, Rothstein’s poker face as he admits only to the usual "ebb and flow" of the market. When Nucky presses that it’s apparently more ebb at the moment, Rothstein says he’s the victim of an unscrupulous broker.

Let’s all for a moment enjoy the irony of a gangster distressed at the lack of honesty in someone else. And then realize that when Nucky encourages Rothstein to plot his revenge, that this should bring Margaret back into play again. Or maybe Rothstein can just ask her for those hundred dollars back! Revenge takes cash, points out Rothstein, and his bankroll is "waning" at the moment.

Nucky sighs and offers him ten cents on the dollar, which Rothstein counters with double that. Nucky gripes but accepts, calling it potentially one of the best investments he’ll ever make, given how many people he knows who’d kill Mickey for free. Rothstein grimace-smiles.

At the White house, Chalky’s family is setting the table when he struts in, showing off how nice and cleaned up he is, although Lenore is still barely acknowledging his existence. She asks if she wants to check behind his ears, because maybe there are still some splinters there. But he’d be smarter to drop the made-up story that Lenore clearly doesn’t believe anyway. She responds by freezing up, and the awkwardness breaks at the ringing of the doorbell. Sam and Maybelle are all, "What the hell is going on?" to each other as they go to answer the door, where they find Sam’s mom arriving for dinner.

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