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Weekend at Purnsley’s

Oh, good, another boring court date for the Tommy custody battle. Gillian is sharing her sob story about being orphaned at a young age, and married at a young age. She acknowledges she hasn’t lived a "blameless" life, but wonders if anyone has. Meanwhile, Richard Harrow has just strolled into the courtroom and taken his seat on Julia’s side, surprising Gillian somewhat and earning a nod from Julia.

Gillian continues waxing philosophical on how love sustains us, and we need to give it back, and that’s all she has to offer her grandson, and she thinks that’s all that matters. Strangely, I don’t see anyone in the courtroom rolling his eyes and making a jerk off motion, and then it’s time for Julia to have her say. "When Tommy talks about home, it’s our home he’s thinking of. When he goes to sleep, we’re the ones who tuck him in. When he wakes up from nightmares." She casts a glance at Gillian here and says, "He does wake up, your honor, we’re the ones who tell him it’s going to be all right. And he believes it."

I guess that’s all she’s got to say, because Gillian’s lawyer stands up to point out -- unnecessarily, as the judge notes -- that she’s Tommy’s paternal grandmother. The judge says no one disputes that, and then starts asking Julia about her job at a department store where she makes $12 a week, and her marital status. She seems a little taken aback by having to confirm her singledom, but thinks better of retorting. And the judge moves on to her dad, and his monthly $37 pension from Veterans Affairs. Paul corrects the judge to $37.28. That extra twenty-eight cents does not cause the judge to say, "Case closed!" and award custody to the Sagorskys immediately, however.

The judge does note that in cases such as these, the courts generally assume it’s in a child’s best interests to be with blood relatives, but he’ll review the case notes and render his decision within the month. Julia slumps back in her seat.

Van Alden stalks his way to work, looks through the front window and sees O’Banion there working, so he goes around the back… where’s he’s jumped by Phil and Ralph from the old iron company. Phil clocks him in the head with a blackjack or something, and down goes Van Alden, who still manages to seem almost delightedly surprised to see them and Mr. Gulliver at the end of the alley.

Then panic sets in as he realizes Phil is hell-bent on revenge, with the scar on his face that took two months to heal, and he didn’t make a sale for months. I don’t know. A good salesman might have pointed out the scar was proof of the iron’s effectiveness. Van Alden yells that this is "not a good time," which I found hilarious, and Phil keeps hitting him, bloodying his face. Van Alden even tries to apologize, but Iron Face, Ralph and Mr. Gulliver are in no mood, and it’s a good thing for Van Alden that today is Bring Your Gun To Work Day, because he whips it out, changing his assailants’ demeanor instantly. Now they’re the ones telling Van Alden to relax. "I am relaxed," says Van Alden, and he coldly shoots Ralph and Phil first than swivels and shoots a fleeing Gulliver in the back of the head, while a train rattles overhead. Three shots, three dead bodies. Van Alden licks his lips.

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