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Weekend at Purnsley’s

At the Albatross, Eli comes in to see Nucky, who’s talking to … I don’t know, some white guy in a suit? I can’t keep them all straight. If it winds up being important, we’ll know. Eli’s arrival ends the talk, at any rate, and the guy leaves, and Nucky tells Eli they might have a problem with Chalky. Seems like significant wording, as Nucky doesn’t see the problem as Narcisse. Nucky fills Eli in on Chalky taking Purnsley "for a walk in the marsh," but Eli’s position is "good riddance." But wait, there’s more! Chalky puts Narcisse behind it, and wants to return the favor. So what’s their concern, asks Eli, and Nucky’s issue is Narcisse having business with Owney Madden, and maybe others, but Eli’s skeptical that Madden would go to bat "for some shine who knows the Bible." More old time-y racial slurs! Nucky just doesn’t want to poke that bear. He’s pissed, because he says he warned Chalky about this, and here they are, and Chalky always taking the position Nucky owes him. "That debt’s paid," says Eli. Why, Nucky couldn’t agree more! He’s not denying there’s a bond, but he’s not bringing Chalky Nucky’s problems.

They agree that the answer has to be no, and then move on to other business. Well, Eli does, asking if there’s anything else he should know. The brothers look at each other for a moment, until Nucky finally asks if Willie’s doing all right. So Eli’s forced to play nice some more and say yes, and everybody’s happy to have him home.

The next morning, Van Alden’s getting dressed for work -- strapping on the gun that he keeps stashed behind a dresser -- when Sigrid barges to in to ask if he called "the Sears Roebuck," and he upbraids her for not knocking before she entered, which she points out is difficult since there isn’t actually a door there in Van Alden’s half-house. He testily points out that the curtain was drawn, though. His agitation has her wondering what he was doing that she wasn’t allowed to see, given that she’s seen him get dressed many times. So, he changes the subject back to whatever the hell it was she wanted when she came in, which is whether he called Sears Roebuck.

Van Alden unleashes some weapons-grade sarcasm on her as he explains he spoke to Mr. Roebuck himself, who apologized profusely and promised to send over a dozen of his top men. But Sigrid does not appear to have any idea of what sarcasm, is judging by her smile. She asks if this is true. "Nope. This is sarcasm," says Van Alden, who’s so disagreeable that the baby starts crying, and the baby isn’t even in the room.

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