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Weekend at Purnsley’s

He doesn’t really get anything out before he gets a smack from Ralph, who points out they asked Van Alden what he knows, not what he doesn’t. "Hit me again, and you’ll regret it," says Van Alden. Al wants him to cut the mouth-y shit, and wants to know who the hell he thinks he is. "The man who stood beside your brother at Western Electric," says Van Alden, and Al insinuatingly points out that Van Alden is still alive, though. "So are you," says Van Alden. He’s already deduced (not that it takes a genius) that they want to know O’Banion’s routines so they can kill him. Al tries to play it a little cool on that score, but he’s mad enough now to pull his gun out and point it at Van Alden, saying he doesn’t trust him. That at least rattles Van Alden, but he still says, "A thousand dollars." Al thinks Van Alden’s offering him that to spare his life, but that’s what Van Alden wants to go into work tomorrow and blow O’Banion’s head off. Al’s a little surprised by that, and wants to know why he’d let Van Alden do that. "Because he thinks I’m a coward," says Van Alden. "Ain’t ya?" asks Capone. Seems to me the best way to prove to O’Banion that he’s not a coward would be to kill the Capones but that’s neither here nor there. "Ask Frank," says Van Alden evenly, and Ralph and Al look impressed instead of asking, "What’s that supposed to mean?"

Over at Chalky’s house, Lenore is polishing silverware outside while Maybelle goes over the guest list, with its unlucky odd number of guests (161, for the record). But the atmosphere gets chilly when Chalky comes up, having sharpened the carving knife, disproportionally proud of how much of a contribution it is. Lenore icily wants to know if there’s anything he wants her to tell the Crawfords about his appearance. "He was moving all of that lumber in the shed, and the shelf broke," says Maybelle, sounding like she’s making it up on the spot, and Chalky yes-and's her. Well, he actually just yes'es her, and then starts looking at the guest list, with Maybelle pointing out the unlucky odd number. "Mr. Purnsley on there?" asks Chalky. Yep, you said you wanted him, says Maybelle. "Well, take him off," says Chalky, as casually as he can muster. Lenore slows the pace of her polishing, looking like she suspects the implications behind what her husband just said, but doesn’t turn around to look at him. He walks away, leaving his daughter looking confused too.

Oh, and a sad scene with Arnold Rothstein, alone in his billiard room, over-chalking a cue so fixedly that he doesn’t notice his driver come halfway down the stairs to find out if A.R. will be needing the car. Rothstein -- after the cue-chalking, shot from above, making him look small and helpless -- seems lost enough for the driver to ask him if he’s okay. Rothstein says he is, and asks if the missus is still awake. She retired early, says his driver, who then turns to go, but Rothstein stops him -- his name is Peter -- to ask why it is he doesn’t gamble. "'Cause I don’t have the stomach for it," says Peter. Great answer from an underling, and now A.R. is smiling as he remembers when he won thirty dollars the first time playing craps, when he was nine. "Lucky little boy," says Peter. At least they used to think so, says Rothstein, who grows melancholy again, and Peter takes his cue to exit. I mean, not one of the billiard cues. I mean… anyway.

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