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Weekend at Purnsley’s

Roy, looking decidedly less comfortable, says he’s sorry, and says she doesn’t have to talk about it if she doesn’t want to. This comes across kind of dickish given that she was the one who brought it up. She says she wants him to know, and explains that nine months later her son was born, and she named him James, the "last pure thing" she could remember. But don’t get your hopes up that this has a happy ending, Roy!

"We lived for each other. A child and a child," she says, explaining that James enlisted and fought in France, came back, struggled to find his place, and overdosed on heroin in her bathtub. But don’t worry, Gillian, because there’s Roy’s reassuring hand on your back. "And that’s how you found him?" he asks. Yep. And now she’s going to take him up on his earlier offer of an Eskimo pie. Pretty hard to say no to that now.

In Narcisse’s Harlem office, Owney Madden admires a ceremonial spear and asks if it’s ever been used. Hopefully by the end of the season? Then he breaks the bad news to Narcisse that Rothstein can’t help him: "He’s bust. Out of the heroin business," he explains, adding that Joe Masseria squeezed him out. Narcisse thought Rothstein and Masseria were partners. "Even Lewis and Clark went their separate ways eventually," says Madden. So Narcisse figures he’ll go to Masseria for supply, but Madden warns him Masseria isn’t as comfortable selling to "the darker types." "The Jew, like the Libyan, must remain pliable to survive," says Narcisse, in that way that sounds like he’s quoting someone when it’s really just his own words. He wants to meet with Masseria anyway, and Madden tells him to come to the Cotton Club, and they’ll see what’s what.

And Van Alden is still delivering that huge wreath, with "DOB R.I.P." on the banner. He hauls it up what apparently was a few flights of stairs, and then knocks on the door of its destination, and he’s grabbed and yanked into the apartment. It’s Al and Ralph Capone waiting for him, and Al proudly pointing out that the "DOB" is for "Dean O’Banion." This is helpful, because I was pronouncing to rhyme with GOB as in George Oscar Bluth.

Things are a lot less comradely than their previous meetings, with Al all business, wanting to know whatever Van Alden can tell them about O’Banion. His whole routine, when he wakes up, where he takes his meals, how many times he takes a shit. Van Alden starts to say, "I’m not privy to…"

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