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Weekend at Purnsley’s

And here’s Van Alden arriving home, all hopped-up and horny, and he turns on the lamp in the bedroom, waking Sigrid. "Who built this house?" he asks her, insistently. She sits up, and cautiously says he did. "And who pays the bills?" he asks. "Well, that would also be you", she says. "Who’s holding one thousand dollars in his hand?" he says, and let me tell you, this turns Sigrid’s crank. "You are," she says. Van Alden asks who he is. "You are my husband," she says. But he’s not finished confessing things, apparently. "My name is Nelson Van Alden," he says. It kind of reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George, going against his instincts, tells a beautiful woman, "My name is George. I’m unemployed and I live with my parents." But George didn’t have a thousand dollars (or $8,700 in 1994 money) to throw in the air. Van Alden does just that, and instructs Sigrid to take off her nightgown. She obeys, a little breathlessly, while Van Alden gets undressed too, and then they’re passionately kissing, and are totally going to Do It on a pile of money. Well, Sigrid can launder it in the morning.

Roy Philips is on the phone, speaking quietly. "I know. Me too. It won’t be much longer," he says. Then Gillian shows up in the doorway, prompting Roy to suddenly speak much louder and as though he’s speaking to a different person, saying, "Yes, sir! I will take care of that immediately!" Interesting! Finally! He explains to Gillian it was just business, that they’re "working late in Memphis." He asks how she’s doing, and she confesses she’s not great. She’s fighting the urge he realizes, and she shares his cigarette while acknowledging she’s got to be strong for Tommy. What she’s gone through for him, it can’t all have been for nothing she says. "It brought you to me. Doesn’t that count for something?" whines Roy. Even if we hadn’t just learned he’s got some sort of ulterior motive, that would still come off douchey, considering this is her goddamn grandson we’re talking about, but Gillian doesn’t see anything amiss and hugs him. But she still looks worried.

Chalky’s at Daughter’s house, sitting with her head in his lap. Jesus, what did people do before television? She tells him to go home, and she’ll be all right in a day or two. "What he did, it wasn’t nothing but for my own good," she says, adding that Narcisse sees things they don’t. Divination. Chalky says he thinks they must have gone to different churches. Possibly! Chalky went to one where they didn’t sweat the Commandments. She pleads with Chalky not to kill Narcisse, but that doesn’t appear to be an option for him. "Make a promise to you, break another to myself," he says. She says she can't lose him either.

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