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Weekend at Purnsley’s

"But I have killed other men", he continues. The one O’Banion knows about, the three men who attacked him, and his partner. O’Banion’s all, "Your what now?" and Van Alden explains that he was a Prohibition agent (that was probably not under "Previous Experience" on Van Alden’s application to work at the flower shop) who drowned his partner with his bare hands. "My name isn’t Mueller. I’m not legally married to my life. I used to believe in God, but now I don’t believe in anything at all," he says. By this point, a disconcerted O’Banion has lowered his gun, and when the bell above the outside door jingles, O’Banion leaves to go see who it is, telling Van Alden to sweep up the clippings. Uh, that’s what he was doing until you interrupted him, terrible boss! Van Alden exhales heavily and grabs the counter for support after O’Banion leaves.

In the shop, how O’Banion doesn’t see anything amiss by two guys in suits and fedoras nonchalantly looking around the place, followed in by a third be-hatted and be-suited, smooth-talking Frankie Yale, looking to get out of Dutch with the missus. O’Banion settles on chrysanthemums, and says he guarantees them or money back, and puts out his hand for Yale (who I guess he doesn’t recognize) to shake. Yale holds tight while his two associates pump bullets into O’Banion, which is largely what is believed to have happened in real life, apparently: a murder that eventually led to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre five years later.

In the back, Van Alden hears the shots, and he comes out after the gangsters have left. He looks at O’Banion’s corpse, then steps over it, cleans out the cashbox. Hey, this means he gets to knock off early! Creepily, he steps over the bodies of his former co-workers, still in the back alley lying where they died. (Although I’m not really sure what Van Alden could have done with them). Although, again… aw, shag it, I’m just going to go rent Weekend at Bernie’s again.

It’s late, and Nucky’s arriving home at the Albatross. He tells Useless New Eddie to position a couple more men outside, just to be safe, when they’re startled by the arrival of cinematically back lit Richard Harrow. Useless New Eddie draws his gun, but Nucky recognizes he’s not a threat. "I came to see you," says Richard, explaining that he got married today. Nucky says congratulations, adding, “You came to tell me that?" "I need a job", says Richard. Well, give your application to Doris in HR, and make sure to tell her you saw the posting on Workopolis!

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