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Weekend at Purnsley’s

Over to the Onyx club, where Narcisse makes his way through backstage to the front of house, where a black comedian is telling racial jokes onstage. And when I say racial, I don’t need to tell you that black people -- and their black skin and their kinky hair -- are the punch line. The white crowd eats it up, but Nucky gets quite frown-y when Narcisse sits down next to him. "Why don’t you stand up?" says Nucky, glaring, and Narcisse says he doesn’t think he should have to. The stink-eye from various other white patrons as they notice Narcisse’s audacity indicate a difference of opinion on that. "You know you can’t sit here", says Nucky. "Where I am from, there are no such things as 'niggers,' Mr. Thompson, and I refuse to be treated like one," says Narcisse. But this is why he’s here.

"Your friend’s days are numbered", Narcisse tells Nucky, what with his dissipating political power, which Nucky icily points out is due to Narcisse’s pushing heroin. Speak of the devil! Narcisse’s presence has drawn Chalky’s attention, who storms into the dining room and orders Narcisse to stand up. Nucky’s the one to get up, though, to warn Chalky not here, not now. The confrontation is now heated enough to draw the attention of the comedian. Chalky spits that he can’t even sit in his own club, while Nucky’s in the front row "with this sadistic motherfucker." Everyone gasps at the dark man and his gutter talk, naturally -- the bandleader hastily strikes up the musicians -- and Nucky warns Chalky to be very careful about what comes out of his mouth next, unless he wants a war. "One that you will fight alone," he says. Chalky flips over a table like he’s a Real Housewife of New Jersey, and stomps past Narcisse out of the club. The dancers come out, and Narcisse buttons up his vest and prepares to leave while busboys clean up the mess.

At O’Banion’s flower shop, Van Alden’s sweeping up trimmings in the nursery when O’Banion comes in, looking thoughtful and wanting to hear again what happened the night Van Alden went clubbing with the Capones. "On your frolic," is how O’Banion puts it. He doesn’t believe the story Van Alden’s given him, and he wants the truth. To encourage that truth-telling, he pulls a gun and warns Van Alden that one more "I don’t know" or "I’m not looking for any trouble” will get his head popped open like a melon. He places the barrel under Van Alden’s chin. But Van Alden doesn’t look scared, and calmly says he didn’t kill Stu; Al Capone did.

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