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Weekend at Purnsley’s

The mothers of the bride and groom get up to go over table assignments (hope they’re using pencil, in case Chalky decides to dis-invite anyone else) and the phone rings. Maybelle answers, and then tells whoever it is that he’s with guests right now, but she’d be happy to take a message. Chalky makes his way over and takes the phone when Maybelle whispers to him that it’s "Mr. Coates, the piano player," (that latter part more for our benefit). Chalky listens, then says sharply, "You stay where you are," drawing Lenore’s attention. She asks if everything’s all right, and Chalky says matters at the club need his attention. Maybelle points out that Mrs. Crawford came in all the way from Newtonville. Lenore suggests Purnsley can take care of it, but Chalky says, "He can’t, and not because I killed him or anything, because I totally didn’t," and tells Lester to keep everyone entertained.

Oh, city clerk. If your sign’s going to promise marriage and hunting licenses from 8 AM to 6 PM, you really need to keep those hours! As it is, Julia and Richard are sitting outside the office on a bench, waiting. The two of them are dressed up so nice! Richard even has a boutonniere! He checks his watch and notes there’s still ten minutes left. "This is going straight into the complaint box," she mutters.

And then here comes the city clerk to open the office, apologizing because he had to step out for a moment. He still leaves them alone out there, and Julia uses the moment to ask Richard if he’s sure about this. "It’s just a hunting license, isn’t it?" he says. Hee hee. Now he shoots from the lip! Julia smiles, and he takes her hand, which is even nicer.

Daughter’s house. She’s in bed, wrapped up in blankets, when Coates shows Chalky into the bedroom, warning him to "Be easy now, Mr. White." Daughter covers up even more when Chalky arrives, but he tells her to let him see her. She can’t, she tells him, and he sits on the bed and tells her it’s okay. So she rolls towards him, and her face is a ghastly, swollen sunset of purple and yellow. It’s a nightmare of brutality, and even Chalky can’t completely hide his surprise and horror at the extent of it. He asks if the doctor did this to her. "It was the right hand of the Lord," she says. So… yes. Coates quietly says the doctor and Miss Daughter "got their ways." Chalky slowly stands up, and asks Coates if he knows how to tend to her. "Been doing it longer than I wanted", he says. Chalky tells him to make her comfortable until he gets back.

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