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Weekend at Purnsley’s
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Poor Van Alden, working futilely away to repair the pipes under the sink, stripping the nut and drawing the ire of his wife, who icily informs him she needs the water "for to make the cream of wheat." Van Alden is a guy who adorably yells "blast it!" when he’s angry. It just earns him an irritated "Tsk!" from Sigrid, who goes to tend to the wailing baby, and now Van Alden jumps on her back to get her to stop the baby from crying. Although it’s a mystery to me -- as it is to Van Alden -- why she can’t use water from the bathroom faucet for to make the cream of wheat that she plans to shovel down the kid’s cake hole. The fight becomes about more than just the faucet, though, with Sigrid dissatisfied at the state of the unfinished house in general, and mocks Van Alden’s big important job with O’Banion, who gives him "a thousand dollars for to hurt the people’s head." Van Alden crosses his arms and glowers at her and asks, "What if he did?" Then there would be water in the kitchen, says Sigrid. Practical woman, she. Van Alden smacks the table and stomps out.

Over at the Onyx, Daughter’s rehearsing an upbeat number while upstairs Nucky and Chalky hash out what to do about Narcisse. Nucky’s in the "Whoa, whoa, whoa, can you prove it was Narcisse?" camp, and wonders if could have been Purnsley acting alone. Proof or not, Chalky knows it was Narcisse, but Nucky’s worried about the fallout if Chalky makes a move on him. Chalky points out that Nucky’s only cautious because he’s got nothing at stake here, and Nucky piously informs him that that’s because he minds his business. Nucky suggests he bring in Narcisse for a sit-down, but Chalky’s stuck on what Nucky means by minding his business. "It means when I’m conducting business, I mind it. It and only it. Not some piece of ass with a sugary voice, not my pride, my business."

Chalky sits down, and we can see how beat up his face is after the tussle with Purnsley. He points out that he "heard a lot of 'we' last year" when Nucky was in trouble, but now Nucky’s all about the first-person singular. "How do you like your fucking nightclub on the boardwalk?" snaps Nucky, asking if Chalky knows how many palms had to be greased and strings pulled to arrange it. Chalky says he already said thank you by saving Nucky’s life, and Nucky says this evens the score. He sits down and tries to reason with Chalky, pointing out that he’s got a family -- including a daughter who’s about to be married -- but all Chalky wants to talk about is what they’re going to do about Narcisse. Nucky wants to meet with Narcisse and feel him out before Chalky does anything. "I’ll give you a minute for that," says Chalky, before walking out. Nucky sighs. It’s sure a hassle for him to have to deal with the fallout from one business partner trying to kill the other business partner. Poor Nucky!

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