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An Oscar and a Gentleman
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It’s the middle of the night and we’re on a dark road with Daughter and Chalky driving. Daughter is asking if they’ve "crossed over." Not into the spiritual realm, anyway. "Little ways back", Chalky tells her. "They’re getting close", he says. We see they’re actually sitting in the back seat and are being driven, two men in the front, and they pass a sign welcoming them to Havre de Grace, Maryland. Well, the name sounds promising! Chalky asks the men in front how "Oscar" is keeping these days. "Some and some," says the driver, with the guy riding shotgun saying nobody’s getting younger. Man, if people can’t even say "he’s well" about you in that vague social niceties way, you must be in rough shape. "Natural fact", adds the driver. We’ll hear it a lot from him this episode.

Shotgun asks Chalky how he came to know Oscar, and Chalky’s surprised that Oscar didn’t tell them anything other than to pick him up and get him some clean clothes. The discussion of how Chalky knows Oscar doesn’t happen, as the driver -- without headlights on, mind you -- abruptly turns off the road, freaking Chalky out a little bit with his apparent Daredevil-esque radar. They pull up at a dark house, and the men get out and go up to the house, leaving Chalky and Daughter alone. "You worked for Mr. Boneau?" he asks, and Chalky explains that he got himself in a "knockdown" with some corner boys. "The way I was then, looked for a fight any old how," he says. "Never even felt that razor", he adds. (And that’s the origin of that!) But he kept on fighting through the copious amounts of blood, and then this man came out, unlike anything Chalky’d ever seen. Folks just moved out of his way. The corner boys took off, and Chalky thanked him, but was too wounded to walk away. Oscar took him before the police came and put him to work. Taught him everything he knows. "That Oscar," says Chalky.

A light comes on in the house. "Haven of grace," Daughter explains to a puzzled Chalky (and to anyone else who didn’t take French throughout his time in the Canadian school system that that’s what "Havre de Grace" means). Another guy approaches the car from the house, telling them they can get out. Chalky’s still pretty wary, and the guy introduces himself as Winston, but everybody calls him "Scrapper," for reasons unknown. It’s not my experience that people are unaware of why they get the nicknames they do, so let’s assume he’s being a little bashful. He’s Oscar’s nephew.

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