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Ging Gang Goolie

Margaret's brushing her hair and preparing for bed when she hears a rustling outside. She looks out the window and sees nothing, but still she decides to call up Owen. She gets Katy, wakes her up, in fact, and says she's looking for Mr. Sleater. Katy goes, "I thought he was with you." Burn. Margaret acts all offended and, "Most certainly not!" She hangs up on Katy midway through Katie saying she doesn't know where he is. So Margaret does what any sensible lady of those times would do. She loads up her shotgun.

Meantime, Richard Harrow is looking through old family photos, particularly of him and his sister. The show decided to shell out for the CG on his mask-less face, so you know it's important that we see how much he's longing for the embrace of family.

Back to Margaret, who's stalking towards the back door with her shotgun drawn. Which seems like a curious tactic, considering that we know she suspects Teddy of being the culprit behind the earlier vandalism. She pushes the door open and sees that there's someone in the greenhouse, and a flame is lit. To her credit, she runs to the greenhouse, points her gun at the dark figure, and shouts, "Stay where you are!" Of course, it's only Owen, checking out the premises, lantern in hand. He points to the gun and deadpans, "This is how accidents happen."

He says Nucky had him come over after he'd heard that she sent Gareth away. They go back and forth about how Margaret was scared to death and she'd heard a noise but I guess it was only Owen and oops! He's cool as a cucumber about it and leads her out into the yard. He tells her she might want to lock the greenhouse. "To keep the vagrants out?" she asks, incredulous that there was even one to begin with. "He smelled real enough," Owen assures her. She admits to him that she thinks Teddy started the fire and she punished him. Owen kindly tells her he'll forgive her, as he takes the gun away. "I've done what I thought was best and wound up here," Margaret says, in this week's Sentence That Is Both About the Specific Situation at Hand But Also About the Bigger Picture. "How did that happen?" Owen softly tells her that these are questions for the morning. "Then why do we ask them at night?" she asks. Indeed, Margaret. Go to bed.

She tells him he should get back to Katy, who's worried about him. He jokes that the Royal Constabulary didn't keep this close tabs on him. Margaret says Katy's just afraid of losing him, and he smirks that he's up on her shelf with the rest of her kewpie dolls. Margaret's like, "Really? Dolls?" and Owen laughs that she's got names for all of them. Uh-oh. Having a laugh at the girlfriend's expense. Bad sign. At this point, the Owen Sleater Sex Beams have been turned up to eleven. Cornelia would be a pile of ashes on the ground by now. Owen wishes Margaret goodnight, but she tells him to wait. She doesn't ask it, either. She commands it. The second she does, they both know what's about to go down.

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