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Ging Gang Goolie

Elsewhere, Harrow returns the coat and medal to the Sagorsky house. Julia answers the door and offers an explanation: the medal belongs to her brother, Freddie, who was lost in the waning days of the war. Her father hasn't gotten over it. So he'll head down to the Legion, like he's expecting to find Freddie waiting for him, and ultimately he'll get in fights. She asks Richard if he has family. A sister, he says, and he lies that they're close. She says that his sister is lucky to have him return home.

Nucky calls home from the train station, telling her he's been detained but that doesn't mean he doesn't care about what's been happening. She's short with him as she tells him that everything's fine, the vagrant's been caught and "taken care of," and Teddy's been protecting them. She tells Nucky that when he gets home, they have to have a conversation. He tells her that's not necessary, but she says it is. They can't go on with things "every which way." He bails on the conversation, saying his train is coming. After she hangs up, Margaret heads for the front porch and informs Mr. Murray, the bodyguard assigned to her, that Mr. Thompson just instructed him to stand down. Always with the tiny acts of rebellion, eh, Margaret?

That night, as Teddy and Emily are in their beds, Teddy wants to tell her a story. He tells her about the "gypsy man," who lives up the road. "He used to live somewhere else, but now he lives there." He used to be a rabbit, he says, adopting some of his mother's pucca talk, but was turned into a man. And if he doesn't like you, he burns you up. He says he knows that their daddy isn't here to protect them, but he puts an arm around his little sister and tells her nothing's going to happen to her. And he proves it by going back to his bed and producing the knife that he keeps underneath his pillow. This kid has allll the problems. "If he tries anything," Teddy assures her, "I'll stick him in the face with this. I'll kill him." And thus ends the foreshadowing portion of our evening.

Looks like Nucky took that train from D.C. straight to New York City, where he now waits for Billie as she arrives home. She's nominally pissed at him for missing her opening night, but he says if he told her where he was, she wouldn't believe him. ...Really? Thrown in jail while visiting your corrupt politico friends down in Washington seems well within the range of plausibility. Billy quotes some of her reviews (raves) and mentions that a famous Hollywood director gave her his card (she doesn't get around to saying who he was). The phone rings, and Nucky intercepts it, answering with a curt, "She's not home." It turns out the call isn't for Billie at all but for Nucky: it's Gaston Means. Nucky asks how he got this number. Means: "Oh, your naughty virgin is listed." Heh. It seems Means knows all about Nucky's late-night bread-breaking with Esther Randolph, and he's like to offer his services towards Nucky's endeavor. He's willing to spill information on Harry Daugherty and his "blubbering walrus" Jess Smith, in exchange for that same monthly $40,000 he would pay Harry. Means offers also to introduce Nucky to a person who might be able to "cut the Gordian knot" of his as Randolph's "mutual conundrum." Nucky arranges a meeting in Atlantic City tomorrow night. He hangs up and sets the subject aside to recline with his famous Broadway lady.

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