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Ging Gang Goolie

Nucky starts talking about their "common enemy" Harry Daugherty, though Esther doesn't see it that way. Nucky points out that she's hardly the crusader for justice that she wants to be sitting in night court. She smirks that she finally got him convicted, didn't she? I think at this point, Nucky knows he's got her hooked, so he makes his pitch: Daugherty's about to indict him, but Nucky wants Esther to go after the corrupt jerks who left her hung out to dry in Atlantic City last year. After flattering her by saying how much he was sweating that case, he offers her a bigger fish than him: George Remus. He's the biggest bootlegger in the country, and he's directly tied to Jess Smith, who's tied to Daugherty. Esther says it's for that reason that Justice will never sanction a case made against Remus. Nucky says that if someone were to appeal to an authority higher than Harry, that someone might also wind up with a career-making case.

Esther knows two things: 1) Nucky is absolutely right, and 2) she would be absolutely crazy to trust him. She says that Harding would never force Daugherty's hand. Nucky cryptically says he working on a way to make that happen. For now, he feels like he's safe to say he's piqued her interest. He gets up to leave. "Say hello to Mrs. Thompson for me," Esther calls. Ah, yes. Esther had quite an interest in opening Margaret's eyes to the truths about Nucky. Nice parting shot there, lady.

We transition from the sight of Nucky's bemused face to the sight of naked ass thrusting. Quite the whiplash! Yes, Roger from Indiana is taking it to Gillian in his shabby bedroom at the local boarding house. Pillow talk includes how he's paid up at the boarding house through Friday and then he's basically out of money. She says she could ask around for a job for him. She then asks him if he has a nickname back home. He doesn't, so she decides she's going to call him James. Because she is a giant creep. Why James? "Because," she says, "he was a king." Mmm hmm. Somehow that gets his motor going again. Gillian gets a lot of action for being a complete lunatic. Good for her.

The next morning, Margaret is at the breakfast table with the kids, quizzing them on their state capitals. The front door opens, and we catch a half-second of Margaret looking expectantly at the door. It's Owen, as I suspect she was hoping. He's there to tell her that they caught "the man," a vagrant who'd been breaking into yards and seemingly setting fires. Margaret, knowing what she knows about Teddy, worriedly asks Owen what was done to the vagrant. He only says "It's been taken care of" and excuses himself.

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