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Ging Gang Goolie

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Ging Gang Goolie

Nucky's called next, and he and Esther share uneasy looks. She gathers herself and prepares to make her plea for an especially harsh judgment, based on the previous charges filed against Nucky as well as her assessment of him as a "premier bootlegger in Atlantic City." The public defender tries to object to Randolph bringing up Nucky's previous charges against him, but the judge waves him off. This won't take long anyway. Esther asks for a fine as well as a year in prison, but when the public defender says Nucky was caught with a mere pint of booze, the judge declares a $5 fine and gavels the case closed. Esther objects, but the judge cuts her off, saying, "I sympatize with your efforts to give your life meaning, but you won't be using this courtroom to do it." Nucky can't help but smirk at Esther as he's freed. And particularly when he asks the court clerk if he can make change for a hundred.

Gillian walks past the fire-breathers on the boardwalk, looking sad and alone. That doesn't last too long, as she spots what she thinks is a familiar face chumming around with some bros by a food stand. She thinks it's Jimmy, because she thinks Warren G. Harding is Jimmy at this point, but in reality he's just a handsome young lad home from the war and played by the magnetic Billy Magnussen. She lures him away from his companions with a cigarette. His name is Roger McCallister from Indiana and he's not even that freaked out when Gillian starts talking about how she'd prefer to live in a dream world where she could be reunited with loved ones. She sure is flirty about all that talk, though.

Nucky is waiting for Esther when her shift ends (at ... 5 AM! Lady, quit that job). He makes a few jokes about how if she convicts him another thousand times, it might put a dent in his bank account. He has something of a kind smile on his face when he says this, however, and Esther is more suspicious of him than outright hostile. He invites her out for a late-night bite, which garners more suspicion, but also a little curiosity. Cut to a diner, where Esther eats her meal and keeps coiled quite tightly, while Nucky sips his coffee and acts magnanimous. Esther observes that Nucky thinks of himself as quite the "paterfamilias," which she has to explain is the father figure of the boss. Nucky: "Well, I was county treasurer..." HAHAHA. Oh, man, don't know if that was intended to be funny, but it sure was. Esther lets out a few other ten-cent words, leading Nucky to call her "poetic." Stone-faced, Esther quips, "Yes, I'm all lace and potpourri." I forgot how much I like her.

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